Food Obsessed: Clearing Your Food Addictions


This 75-minute audio will help you become aware of what’s eating you so you can clear your food blocks.


Food Obsessed: Clearing Your Food Addictions

Are you the type of person that, every time you eat a bite, you feel guilty? Do you cave into your craving? Do you have enough “self-control”? Do you actually know to eat when you’re actually hungry or is this just some emotion junk coming up that you don’t want to acknowledge? Why not just enjoy what you eat and not stress about it!

Join me in this session and stop giving into cravings and crave a world that fits for you versus you having to cave into it.


In this course you will:

~Understand the difference between what your body needs to be fulfilled versus the emotions wanting to be addressed

~Create the changes you want to see for the betterment of your health and vitality

~Dive deep into the food cravings you have an release the emotional connection to it!


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