Family Matters

You are imprinted with your parent’s gunk starting from age zero. In order to clear it, you have to find it. In order to find it, you have to look for it. In working with clients, I noticed that 90% are not looking early enough to actually find the stuff that is blocking their natural state of abundance. You were born abundant…. an infinite creator in a body…and then you became programmed by your environment. This could be good or bad depending on the energies surrounding you.

Join me this session to release all the old patterns you had imprinted on you and rediscover your true self…an Amazing, Abundant Being!


In this event you can:
– Find the objections you imprinted to being wealthy.
– Close the doors to other’s programs you bought and sold to yourself.
– Locate the ages and details of what your energy took in to stop your abundant nature.