Clearing The FamDamily Dynamics!


 “Clearing The FamDamily Dynamics” an online clearing event to clear the blocks that create drama in your personal life.

Spend some time clearing your Fam-Damily blocks and bring in 20XX drama-free.


Clearing The FamDamily Dynamic!

WOW! This is the greatest subject to clear of all time!! Family Dynamics!

Everyone in your family has their own agendas.

Sometimes these agendas work for you and create personal happiness.

But… more often than not, these agendas cause you stress…
… They trigger you.
… They zap you.
… They even steal your joy.
Your energy gets zapped because your  ‘old’ imprinted, unhandled emotions and inner turmoil are creating dynamics that you don’t know how to fix, solve and delete forever.

I can show you how to avoid being trapped in all these FamDamily, Ego Dynamics and purge your old emotional cookies and cache so you can be free of this wonky energy. How do you know you need to delete the emotional ‘cookies’?

If you get trapped in situations where you feel unhappy.



Do you have your own version of emotional traps like this?

~ Sometimes you fall into the FamDamily’s trap of doing it the way your Mom wants the holiday, even though it makes everyone unhappy for the last 40 years.

~ Maybe you find yourself being bullied by your 45 year old sister in the same way she did when you were 10.

~ Maybe you bend over backwards trying to create the perfect holiday and create happiness for everyone, meanwhile you are miserable.

~ Maybe your mate is not supportive over the holidays and you have just put up with it.

~ Maybe you are single and don’t like it and it’s causing some emotional backlash. Or maybe you don’t want to deal with the FamDamily’s comments on why you need a mate in order to be happy.

~ Maybe your kids (and you) are sick and tired of C19 lockdowns and they are acting up and you are feeling let down and guilty for not doing enough.

~ Maybe your perverted Uncle is still giving you creepy hugs and you don’t know how to put him in his place. Fill in the blank with abusive ex-mate or narcissistic sibling or abusive anyone of any kind.

~ Maybe you are divorced and have to handle the dynamics of sharing the kids and in the end you feel bonkers over it.

~ Maybe… you are triggered with some old unhandled emotions and you want to just fix it but don’t know how.



I can help you….

The GOOD NEWS is that when you are triggered, I have tools that you can apply instantly to get over it.

You are SMART. I know you don’t want to live in negative energy.

I know you deserve the best life you can create.

I mean… you are only here for a moment.

Why waste the moment being triggered by people/stuff that can be fixed relatively easy??

The other GREAT NEWS  about the holidays coming up is that when you are triggered and you use the tools, you actually get a deeper healing then when you are looking for your family blocks to clear on your own and not triggered.

Please read that last line again… It’s easier to clear your gunk when it is being triggered in the moment. I find the tools vital every day!



Christie, why can’t I get abundant, find my career, and create love in all areas of my life?

Because you are blocked with these emotional triggers, old beliefs and habits that are not easily eliminated on your own.

How do I know they are not easily eliminated on your own?

Because you still get triggered. 

Your triggers are your biggest gift and clue. You need tools and I can help you.



Christie, how do I get these blocks in the first place?

In case you don’t know how this all works and have not yet taken my online course, “Unlimited Abundance”…. here is how your manifesting energy works:

1. Age 0-7 you download the universe and take in all the beliefs and energy of your family. You are learning to be a people.

2. This is great if your family is abundant and happy. This is not so great if they are in lower vibes and struggling.

3. If you feel blocked in love, money, career, abundance, anything…. when you trace back the blocks, you will find in the majority of the time, you got the block from your Mom and Dad, prior to age 7.

I discovered this because I worked with over 30,000 people in one and one sessions and saw this with my own two eyes. When I helped them clear these blocks, their lives literally transformed. This indicated to me that I was onto something magical and profound!!  I then decided to teach these techniques to hundreds of thousands of folks, all around the globe. Over 500,000 folks to be exact.


In my experience, people don’t use the tools often enough AND…. they miss the abundant, rewarding, life changing benefits that come from applying the tools the moment you are triggered.

So, I want to help you overcome your Fam-Damily Dynamics and come clean with yourself about what you desire so you can start choosing the happiest path for you in an unemotional, unfettered methodology.

Sounds great! Right?? You are smart and I want to help you get on with it.

.In this Event You Will Learn:

~ What your triggers are and how to find them. (Hint: Triggers cause you to check out and do all the ‘normal’ check out things like eating poorly to fill up your emotional tank, wasting time, procrastinating, avoiding, spending too much money to fill up your emotional tank, etc.)
~ How to permanently banish these old emotions so they cannot be triggered ever again. (The goal is neutrality.  Neutrality at the very least and overcome with joy at the most. In this way, you can always be fully present in your life.)
~ How to calm situations down with your energy.
~ How to take back your power from ‘combat’ negative people and stop the non-sense.
Just do it. You’re smart.
You don’t have to live with the stuff that is blocking you.
You were wired for happiness as your natural state.
It’s time to peel the layers off and demystify your life.


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