EXtract, EXpel, EXpunge: Get Rid Of Your Exes’ Energy For Good!

Have you ever met someone who reminds you of an ex that treated you horribly… and wondered why you’re still attracted to him?

Have you ever tried to figure out why you keep attracting the same type of the wrong partner and repeating the same type of go-nowhere love cycles when all you’re asking the universe for is someone to love you as deeply and genuinely as you love?

What if I told you the reason your love life is an endless cycle of the same unfulfilling situations is that you haven’t fully let go of your ex(es), no matter how much you think you have?

Join me in this Group Clearing Event as we uncover where your love life is suffering now because you hold a grudge or vowed revenge on an ex.

The happy outcome is you’ll be able to solve your love life problems stemming from holding onto old exes’ energies and see massive breakthroughs in self-love and romantic love immediately.


In this event you can:

~ Reveal the underlying reasons you continue to hold what your exes say/feel about you true.
~ Get to the root of why you put up certain walls and boundaries that don’t fit your current life because of an ex.
~ Uncover where you’re duplicating and/or accepting the same toxic behaviors in every relationship.