Energy-Draining Environments: Are You Blocked By Your Current Circumstances?

Aren’t you tired of settling for your current “ugh-xistence” and giving your energy over to crap you really don’t prefer in your life?

The overly critical mate that brings you more misery than romance.

The super-judgy friend that gossips about everyone and everything except themselves.

The thankless coworkers that do none of the work but steal all the praise.

If it seems like you can’t catch a break anywhere in your life and everything in it is draining you, it’s time you stop procrastinating and do the things required to improve it all.

Join me in this live event where you’ll reveal the hidden patterns that keep you attracting people and situations that drain and tax you energetically.

The happy outcome is that you start living life based on your own free will choice and create circumstances that you prefer so that they’ll ultimately lead you to your happy end result.

In this event you can:

~ Uncover why everything in your life seems to go the opposite way then what you want.

~ Reveal the fear-based agendas that make you stay in situations that are sucking you dry.

~ Find the underlying things that create the thoughts and emotions that are toxic to you and your abundance.