Ego Trippin’: Send Your Inner Critic Packing!

By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “Kick rocks, ego! I’ve got things to do!”

Do you have that little voice that lives in your head that pops up and makes you cringe every time you think about living an abundant life?

Have you noticed that you get to a certain point in achieving abundance when all of a sudden something stops you or gets in your way?

We all have the potential to create our wildest abundant dreams the same way we all have the potential to succumb to limitations we pretend are real.

That little voice in your head gets pretty loud when it keeps you from having the life you want!

Join me and unpack your mental and emotional luggage to find out how your inner critic is stopping you from manifesting the life you want!

The happy outcome is you’ll turn your inner critic into your inner cheerleader!

In this event you can:
~ Explore the things that creates what your inner critic says to.
~ Find the limiting beliefs that give your inner critic the fuel to exist.
~ Learn to trust your inner guidance for confidence to move forward.