Easy Come, Easy Go!

By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “Those blocks mean nothing because the universe has my back!”

What kinds of things go through your mind when faced with making a big decision?

Do you let yourself explore a bunch of different possibilities and just do the one that feels best?
Or does a flood of thoughts and emotions and imaginary scenarios come up in you with a bunch of reasons for why it can’t or won’t happen?

Join me as we uncover the reasons why those weird imaginary scenarios keep showing up and how to automatically start imagining up the good stuff instead.

The happy outcome is you’ll start seeing all the possibilities the universe offers versus seeing only things that can stop you.

In this event you can:
~ Learn how to let go of judgements that spring up when making decisions.
~ Uncover the places where you don’t feel supported in achieving your dreams.
~ Discover how to shape your imaginary scenarios to align with your happy end result.