Are You Duplicating Dad’s Destruction?

Are you trying to “prove” your ability to be successful to the father figure in your life? Do you find yourself working harder than ever for abundance only to find that you’re walking a path that doesn’t feel like your own?

Is it hard for you to understand and connect with other male figures in your life because of a strained relationship with your dad?

Join us in this Group Clearing Event as we uncover the father-figure struggles you have in your energy field that keep you from choosing abundant things.

The happy outcome is that you neutralize your dad’s impact on your current life and upgrade into the next successful evolution of you living by your own rules.

In this event you can:

~ Release yourself from all the places where you couldn’t be bigger than your dad.

~ Learn how to take responsibility for your dad’s views and desires for your life.

~ Uncover where you’re duplicating and/or rebelling against your dad and his rules.