Suppression or Expression: The Distorted Grieving Dilemma

From the time we’re little kids, we’re told to not express sadness about things.

Stop crying. Suck it up. Dry your tears. Your parents don’t want to hear your whining and sometimes you’d even get in trouble for it so you do the only thing you can as a kid… you push it down and suppress it.

By the time we’re adults, after a lifetime of pushing sadness further and further down, the natural ability to process grief and sadness turns into a distorted explosion of mixed up emotions that can range anywhere from depression to rage expressed in unhealthy and unproductive ways that really doesn’t allow you to grieve whatever it is you lost in the first place.

Join me as we tread the murky waters of your suppressed sadness so you can finally face the root cause of your grief to give it the true energy and attention it deserves and move on.

The happy outcome is that you’ll gain a clearer understanding of your emotions and be strong enough to feel your full range of emotions without suppressing anything.

In this event you can:
~ Understand the emotional triggers you have that indicate you still haven’t processed your grief.
~ See where your past is preventing you from making the choice to move forward.
~ Gain more emotional intelligence and allow yourself to express what you feel without judgement.