The Diamond In The Rough-Bundle


The Diamond In The Rough!-Bundle

Are you tired of being a slave to the “grind” doing something you may be good at, but just don’t love? Do you have a deep desire to see your unique gifts and your life be truly valued and appreciated?

You’ve always wanted to make a living from your talents, gifts and skills. But you don’t know how. The real problem is that you’re probably not completely clear about the real value of what you have to offer the world…until now

If you want to live an AUTHENTIC, abundant life, your dreams and desires must be fueling you from the inside out. They must be authentic, full of purpose, and deeply connected to your soul because that’s what it takes to manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

If so, then the “Diamond In The Rough” group clearing event bundle is for you! Each recording will help you connect with the true value of what your talents, gifts, and skills can bring to the world so that you can become an unstoppable force when creating the abundant life and reality you desire.

You can expect powerful insights on building confidence in your gifts, taking risks on yourself, creating prosperity in your lives as well as learning how to set goals that are not based on fear.


This bundle includes the products below:

A. NVM-New Value Model

By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I know my true value and worth”!

Have you ever thought about all the abundance you could receive if people could just see what you were worth?

Most of my clients never give themselves a chance to really explore all their opportunities to get that big break!

Most of my clients don’t use their true talents and skills….because they’re scared sh*tless of owning up to the true value in them.

Most of my clients are convinced they can’t create abundance by being….themselves.

They’ve squeezed themselves into contracted ideas and stuffy judgmental boxes.

Join me as we examine your current value model and shift into a more enterprising one.

The happy outcome is you uncover the beliefs blocking your abundance and shazam yourself into new ideas and possibilities!

In this event you can:

~ Get to the root of why you resist placing a high value on yourself!

~ Find out how to show up as yourself and align with the energy of people that will pay you for it!

~ Open yourself up to the many ways you can get paid to be you!

B. Unstop You!

At the end of this session, you will be thinking… “Okay, I am unstoppable! I do whatever it takes!” What if you knew your Abundance Goals were truly possible? You wouldn’t stop right?

Stopping indicates some blockage. In this session, we will hunt down the feelings, emotions and nuances that stop you in your tracks. Join me as we uncover your hidden loads of old gunk. Let’s make you unstoppable. The happy outcome is you don’t let stops block you!

In this event you can:

~Identify the fears that paralyze you and keep you from moving forward

~Clear old fear patterns that sabotage your abundance

~Set new abundance goals and achieve them.

++ Sorry no substitutions if you already have any of these Group events.

Let’s be honest… they are such a ridiculously low investment, it’s totally worth it for even one Event recording.


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