Deleting Dad Issues


This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear your blocks in your relationship with your Dad, which can not only impact your relationship with him but also many other areas of life such as relationships with bosses, co-workers, friends, siblings, offspring and romantic partners. Stop repeating the patterns you picked up from Dad or were triggered by how he was so you can be freer to create relationships that actually meet your needs!


Deleting Dad Issues

Father…What does father mean?

Ideally, father or father figures are the first people that we learn masculine energy from; fair, likable, kind, openhearted person, happily guiding you toward your fullest potential and supporting your growth. 

However, oftentimes these masculine energies aren’t the ones you had imprinted into your reality field.

Through your father’s field of influence, you get all your feelings, ideas, justifications, your reasons, your opinions, and the way you look at the world…all the good things and all the bad.


In this course you will:

~Clear any old, imprinted patterns that you got from your father!

~Release old hurts and events where you felt disempowered!

~Re-balancing the masculine and feminine energies!


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