2021 Holiday Special (Day 3)


1. “Clearing The FamDamily Dynamics!” An online clearing event to clear the blocks that create drama in your personal life.

12.26.2021, 8 AM Pacific time! 90 minutes long.

2. ‘It’s A Brand New Year: Manifesting Your Dreams & Goals, Joyfully!’ An online clearing event to start the new year off right. Your Infinite Self is begging you to get over your stuff and start manifesting all that you came here to do and be.

1.08.2021, 8 AM Pacific time! 90 minutes long.

3. ‘Take This Junk & Shove It! Uncovering The Crappy Emotions Hiding In Your Body!’ An online event designed to prove to you that your emotions are wrecking havoc on your body and how to use the tools harness real healing powers. 

1.15.2021,  8 AM Pacific time! 90 minutes long.

4. Plus, find out how to manifest some gifts I am giving away 12.26.2021 and 1.08.2022.

See more details by clicking the links.

Just know that if you cannot make it live, you will get the recording. I personally, would not miss it…but any clearing is better than zero clearing.

If you wish to find out what each event is about…

Click these links>>>https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/famdamily/ 

Click these links>>>https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/brand-new-year/

Click these links>>>https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/take-this-junk-and-shove-it/

*No substitutions or exchanges. It’s such a low rate/high value. Just do it.



Q: How long is the event?

A: 90 minutes long. I go for as long as needed. I guarantees 90 minutes. However, if the group is not clearing fast enough, I am not going to quit on you and stop. I am generous with my time and do whatever it takes. Hopefully you live like that as well.

Q: Can I get the recording if I cannot attend one of the live events?

A: YES… You get the recording. A lot of people purchase the event even if they cannot attend. Why? You get a workbook and the recording to listen to over and over again after the event for deeper clearing.

Q: Is this live, Christie? Or is it pre-recorded?

A: I am really on it, reading your comments and helping you all as a group.

Q: I did not get my link.

A: Check your spam filter and add ChristieMarieSheldon@gmail.com to your contact list in your email inbox.

Q: Do I have to show up on the event to win?

A: Yes. I have to be able to unmute you and chat with you. You have to be live, with us, on the day of the event. I like to reward action takers.

You get:

  1. Clearing The FamDamily Dynamics! 12.26.2021
  2. It’s A Brand New Year: Manifesting Your Dreams & Goals, Joyfully! 1.08.2021
  3. Take This Junk And Shove It! 1.15.2022 https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/take-this-junk-and-shove-it/

CLICK HERE & USE THIS LINK FOR ALL 3 EVENTS>>> https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/day-3-bundle/


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