The Comfort Zone Crusher-Bundle


The Comfort Zone Crusher!-Bundle

Chasing a bigger life? Are you ready to take the leap and be bigger than you’ve ever been before? Do you want to stop feeling stuck and start empowering yourself in every area of your life?

Your comfort zone is holding you back.

You’ve got to step out of it if you want to achieve greatness. You need to break free from the limits others have imposed on you, so that you can GROW and create a life of your choosing.

The “Comfort Zone Crusher” bundle is for the courageous, driven soul who knows there’s something beyond their comfort zone calling them forward.

It includes two group clearing events where Christie Marie Sheldon helps you bust through the limitations placed on you by other people, circumstances, and limiting beliefs so that you can boldly step out of your comfort zone and become the powerful creator being you came to this planet to be.

The “Comfort Zone Crusher” Bundle gives you tools and guidelines to bust through your “comfort zone” areas that have been holding you back. Learn how to embrace your authentic self, overcome fear, and become the powerful creator being in a body you naturally are.

Are you ready to STOP playing small and STOP being stuck as the person you’ve been told you should be?


This bundle includes the products below:

A. The Edge of Comfort!

Your comfort zone looks like this…

Picture you’re sitting in your castle, your reality, okay?

You’re surrounded by a moat full of alligators. These alligators are your abundance  blocks. You can’t rule and move into the entire abundance kingdom because your  blocks, these alligators, are fencing you off from leaving the castle.  You thought the moat filled with alligators is keeping you safe in your castle, right? 

So your only option, in my opinion, is to become so powerful you don’t need a moat full of alligators keeping you safe and secure. You jump over, you eliminate all your  alligators and your abundance blocks, and just move forward.

In this event you can:

~Identify past programs that keep you stuck in your current comfort zones.

~Clear your fear blocks and move out of your safe reactive zone, right? ( It’s not really safe, but you think it’s safe.)

~Take action every day on finding  and healing whatever comes up in every now moment.

B. ROFL – Rooting Out Foolish Lies!

Do you understand that all your old stories are blocking your future progress?
What if you have an old story … based on historical evidence that says …”I am not smart.” (Based on not passing algebra in 8th grade…27 years ago.)
Or ” I can’t get ahead.” (Based on an old story of not be promoted 12 years ago.)
Or…”Something always happens to me right when I am about to make it.”
(Based on a stupid boyfriend who broke up with you when you went to college to pursue your dreams.)
Those ‘truths’ are actually lies. This is history, not your present.
But… you could be ACCIDENTALLY BLOCKING YOUR FUTURE by perpetuating this falsehood into the future by not looking at your conclusions about yourself.
Example: I am not smart. It is a judgment/conclusion you made about you based on 20-year ago incidents.
But if you examine it… you may finally get that it is not the ‘truth’ and the real truth is you are smart and capable.
I bet you have made a ton of good stuff happen with your brilliance.
With your savvy…with your light.
I bet, in fact … you are a genius who has gotten yourself to where you are by doing a ton of ‘right’ things.
I am happy with my life if i do 85% of everything ‘right’ in one day.
I am open to mistakes.
Mistakes make me learn new things and I don’t judge the crap out of myself for learning something new.
That makes me “smart.”
See the reframe?
So how many things are you not going for simply because you think you are not…
-Good enough?
-Smart enough?
-Savvy enough?
-Bold enough?
-Anything enough….?

Join me as we get to the root of all the stupid stories and limiting beliefs that say you can’t move forward living the life you want.

The happy outcome is you gain new awarenesses on what’s true or now true for you.

In this event you can:
~ Pinpoint where a stupid story or lie is stopping your progress.
~ Become aware of where you’re choosing to settle for what you don’t want.
~ Stop making a wrongness out of going for what you want to do.

++ Sorry no substitutions if you already have any of these Group events.

Let’s be honest… they are such a ridiculously low investment, it’s totally worth it for even one Event recording.


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