Comedy Sketches: Can You Draw Laughter In The World?


This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear blocks to receiving, seeing, expressing and sharing the energy of joyful laughter in your life.


Comedy Sketches: Can You Draw Laughter In The World?

Are you truly in a space of joy and laughter daily? Like, is that your life?Or can you see comedy in your every day life? Even when the crap hits the fan, can you see the joke in it? Fun laughter are vibrational choices you can invite into your world. Judgments and labels block you from experiencing the joy in your everyday life. Can you see the possibilities in comedy?

Join me in this session and uncover the blocks that keep you from experiencing the comedic releif and joy that life give us!


In this course you will:

~ Invite joy, laughter and endless possiblities into your life, fire it up!

~ Be in the energy of clearning, changing and upgrading with your Higher Self

~ Change your daily prospective from work to play, find the enjoyment in everything you do!


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