Clearing Vows And Commitments


This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear the old, out-dated and hindering vow, promises and commitments you made to yourself that are keeping you from creating the relationships you desire!


Clearing Vows And Commitments

Sometimes when bringing up vows and commitments to people, the energies that come out are usually anger, fear, resentment or even guilt. Often times this is due to feeling like you let yourself or the other person down when it came to a vow or commitment you agreed to.

When I work with people with their blocks in this subject, I always see some level of them giving a bit of themselves away to uphold the vow or commitment. Wouldn’t it be better if you could have your vows and commitments that allow you to be the abundant, loving being you are?

Join me in this session where I help you get back on track by clearing old vows and commitments that hold you back from being your true, magnificent self!


In this course you will:

~Reclaim yourself in every instance you gave yourself away with a vow or commitment!

~Clearing old family lineage commitments that no longer serve you!

~Create more loving commitments and vows that allow for growth!


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