Clearing Past Pacts


This approximately 75-minute audio will guide you to clear your lingering relationships and possible guilt. Don’t dwell on the past!


Clearing Past Pacts

Past agreements and pacts can often act as a stealthy, behind the scenes type of block and inhibit us from any changes or shifts we want in our lives. For some people the block will manifest as they can’t get a new love relationship. While for others, it can be manifested in a new relationship where the same arguments feel like they are on repeat or they feel familiar from a past relationship. It could even be a pact you told yourself…like “I want to lose weight” or “I’m never going to have an alcoholic drink ever again”. Whatever the case may be, it remains in your energetic field.

Join me in this session to clear up those old pacts and agreements and set new intentions for abundance in every area of your life!


In this course you will:

~Clear and recognize your agreeements with yourself and others

~Set empowering intentions to pull in abundance in your life

~Make better, conscious choices to keep your energy field clear!


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