Clearing Food And Emotion Patterns


This approximately 75 minute audio will help show you that food has a sole purpose, you can lift yourself from your emotional cycles!


Clearing Food And Emotion Patterns

Have you ever noticed that in different times of your life you have these clues that happen when you’re going to eat food? You might be stressful and so you naturally gravitate to some form of food. The funny thing is is for everyone it’s usually a different type of food.

Craving sweets could translate to you wanting to bring in more sweetness in life. Eating out of pleasure could be your emotional response to something not so pleasurable. Whatever the case may be, join me in clearing your emotional patterns and food!


In this course you will:

~ Understand the common emotional patterns and the food you eat and clear it

~ Connect to your inner guidance and pick up on the internal clues your body is telling you

~ Love the body that you are in and reclaim that power!


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