Clearing Body Aches and Pains


This 75-minute audio will help you become aware of the reasons you have aches and pains and how to clear them.


Clearing Body Aches & Pains

Have you ever felt like you’ve had this pain or ache that keeps coming back or it’s consistent? What if these aches and pains are little love gifts? Think about it… If my body is hurting then there is some message that I need to receive. I look at that as a blessing it’s trying to show me something.

Join me in this session to blast all these body aches and pains outta your energy field!


In this course you will:

~ Learn how to listen to the messages your body is sharing with you

~ Feed the body with the love, energy, and nutrition it requires

~ Blow up old thought patterns and statements that you placed on yourself which manifested physically.


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