Clearing All The Things That Tax You


This approximately 75-minute audio will help you realize the potential of your work and that you have VALUE!


Clearing All The Things That Tax You

This is my Ode to Tax Season; I’m going to work with you on clearing the things that tax you. Is there some part of your life that you just feel overly taxed or some goals that you are not maybe getting? Have you ever set a massive goal and then everything seems to go wrong all of a sudden? Does it feel like when you make these goals or plans and they don’t happen, that you’ve wasted energy?

Join me in this sesssion to help clear that wasted energy out and bring the good stuff in!


In this course you will:

~Clear your blocks that keep you from being your abundant self

~Reshape your reality field to better serve you

~Clear counter-intentions that can limit what you can receive


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