Cindy’s Abundance Personified Home Study Program + Cindy’s Abundance Shazaming Event


You Get The Abundance Shazaming Event + Cindy Brown’s Abundance Personified HomeStudy Program!”

Do you feel like your abundance is stuck? 


Never Enough? 

Do you ever feel like you just don’t know what to do? 

Do you procrastinate and make excuses instead of taking action?

 If this is you, you have those pesky, horrible things called Abundance Blocks!

In this live, online event, Cindy can help you uncover the top 5 abundance blocks most people have including…

  1. Feeling undervalued as if you don’t deserve it.
  2. Feeling stuck because you ‘don’t know’ what or how to move forward to manifesting more.
  3. Feeling that everything you do is wrong, not effective, or just not enough.
  4. Fear of putting yourself out there.
  5. All the silly stories/excuses where you accidentally blame your circumstances on why you don’t have more than enough.

All of these blocks are keeping your abundance away.

Cindy wants to help you by offering you 2 things:

1. Her Homestudy program called “Abundance Personified”.




  1. Her Abundance Shazam clearing event.

Ask inside, if I jump in and do Cindy’s live session PLUS her homestudy program with 8 modules for abundance clearing day or night, will I earn more than the investment of the program bundle?

When you hear “Yes!!!” then take action and add it to your cart! 😉


Cindy Brown, (aka my sister) has been doing this Intuitive Life Coaching stuff for the last 15 years, right along with me.  She is who I practiced with when the “Beings Of Light” showed up in my living room and told me what to do. 

Cindy has a different style than I do. Her style is straight forward. Her clients love that and I am guessing you will too.

I am introducing to you her first course, a straight forward, no-fluff clearing session on creating abundance.

“Abundance Personified” Homestudy program includes….

+ Get help on tuning into the ‘abundance vibe’.
+ Find out what actions take you off your path and what you can do to ‘course correct.’
+ Clear your stories on abundance being ‘hard’…and stop blocking your benefits.
+ Shazam your fears out of your world so you can step into your power.
Eliminate the background noise and counter-intentions within about what you should or shouldn’t do.
Stop the stupid stories that you are not enough to make it happen.

+ More….

This 8 Session Audio course includes a workbook and loads of clearing, straight to the point information and help on getting you to embody your abundance.

– 8 Guided Clearing Sessions (Downloadable mp3)
– Workbook

Tune in and ask, “If I purchase this course, how much more abundance do I manifest over and above my current income?”

Then take the plunge and purchase it.



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