Call In Your Guidance!

Clear the path and call in your guidance!

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and confused right now? Are you afraid to make BIG changes in your life because of fear, indecision, and lack of information?

The outside world and the people in your life never seem to do what you want or need. It might feel like you can never make the problems and suffering stop.

But you want peace and harmony, you want to live in a world where everything works out for you. You want to experience the ease and happiness that everyone else seems to enjoy… but it just doesn’t seem to happen for you, no matter what you do.

Perhaps you might think the Universe is against you sometimes… like no matter how hard you try or how well you do, everything always goes wrong anyway. It’s like there’s some kind of invisible devil on your shoulder, pulling strings and sabotaging everything.

We’re not taught to trust our intuition in childhood, or school, or in society. Our view of intuition is often limited to the ‘inner voice’, and that’s too small a picture. It takes practice to build trusting relationships with your Infinite Self.

Join us in this Group Clearing Event where I’ll help you get rid of your inner saboteur and introduce you to the powerful intuitive guide waiting to support you.

The happy outcome is You’ll receive a shift that will open up your connection to intuition, discernment, and clarity about how to make clear choices for abundance.


In this event you can:

~ Create movement with stuck issues that have prevented you from making a clear choice or creating forward momentum.

~ Gain clarity on the next steps you can take in order to move forward and create a powerful new future.

~ Receive guidance from your intuition that burns away your lack and opens up possibilities for your harmonious life experience.