Build Your Boldness! Build The Business Called You! BUNDLE


Build Your Boldness! Build The Business Called You! Bundle!

Group Clearing Bundles To Create A Life You Love! Build Your Empire & Get Paid To Be You!

#1: Your Genius Zone: Use Your Knowledge To Flip The Abundance Switch!

#2:  Sell…. You!

#3: The Business Of You!

#4:  Winner! Winner!

#5: Stop Making Excuses, Just Do It!

#6: Enterprise: Business energy you refuse to cultivate! But it will make you great!

#7: Congrats! You Get Paid To Be You! 

#8:  “Intuition: The Interesting Skill You Really Need To Thrive: How To Open Up Your Inner GPS!” Live, Online Event!

(See description below of what each 90 minute session helps you to transform.)

Hey Business….

“Yes. I mean you!”

You are an actual business even if you work for someone else.

We all know a business earns an income.

You earn an income. 

A business creates value.

You create value.

A business has to sell people on why their product is the best.

You show up and sell people on what you have to offer and why it is a benefit to others.

A business has a unique offer.

You are authentically unique.

So why not look at the bottom line of all the gifts and talents you present and start getting paid for all of them?

Not just your nine-to-five gig. What would it take to get paid in an abundance of ways? 

My students do. My students generate new income by opening up their awareness on what is possible and boldly stepping forth. 

I want that for you! 

Because to be honest, you are more than one or two ideas and most people get kinda bored by doing the same thing day in and day out.

I want to help you boost your income, get paid to show up as yourself, and help you uncover alternate avenues you can pursue to grow your abundance.

Sounds very soothing, doesn’t it?

It gives me goosebumps thinking of how incredibly useful this can be for you.

Build The Business Called You! Bundle of 8 amazing, 90-minute sessions to align you with the possibilities!

*No substitutions. It’s such a low rate/high value. Just do it.


Your Genius Zone: Use Your Knowledge To Flip The Abundance Switch! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

Are you an expert but you don’t feel like anyone would want to pay you what you’re worth?

Are you a money-making genius who wants instant success in your biz yet feels that no one will pay attention in a busy world? Do you want to finally tap into strategies to help you in your business and in your life?

Do you want to push your intelligence, your intuition, and your creativity all the way to the last far boundaries of the universe?

You are NOT alone in this struggle. I’m in that boat too. The struggle of knowing there are things you are GOOD at but don’t think other people will care. A lot of people feel like they don’t have enough expertise or talent to make themselves heard.

Join us in this event where we’ll get you past the unconscious blocks that are preventing you from realizing your full potential to share your genius with the world and actually get paid big bucks for it!

The happy outcome is that you’ll be able to unleash your creativity and cause a ripple effect of abundance flowing into your life.

In this event you can:

~ Unlock your inner genius and uncover all the riches swirling around in your head in the form of money-making ideas.  

~ Release your frustrations surrounding people not valuing your true worth.

~ Uncover the root causes of your resistance to place a high value on your knowledge and information.

Sell You! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

This is one of my favorite topics of all time. Why?

Because you most people have so  many crazy myths about what selling is and isn’t, so we’re gonna go into those funny  little myths and your perceptions like, 

“I don’t want to sell, I can’t sell. What do you mean sell myself? I can’t sell myself. What does that mean?”  

We’re gonna get into all that today and at the end of the session, you’re gonna be thinking, “Okay, I can get paid for being me.”  

The only one that can sell you is you. Sell is not a four-letter word.

If this word turns you off for any reason, you have a block to selling your services and making money.

I see you as a gift, and by offering that gift to the planet, abundance happens.

You are valuable just as you are and you should not be scared to tell people what you have to offer them and what you can do for them in exchange for money. 

Who is better to sell you than you? 

The happy outcome for today is to attract abundance effortlessly through offering your services, so if you showed up today, you are in the right place for yourself.  You really are.

The Business Of You! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

How do you see yourself?

Entrepreneur? Business Owner? Student? Employee? Nothing?

My clients who were not prepared to think of their life as a profitable business, did not make abundance happen, until we changed their identity.

In order to cultivate a life that is profitable (Profitable being defined in all ways….emotionally, spiritually, and in your actual bank account.) you must be willing to create your life as a business.

In this event you can:

– Create the abundance framework that asks, “Is this actually profitable to my life?”

– Move into the materially fun world of business, even if you never thought you were a ‘business’ person.

– Explore your business ‘identity’ and find the profit center within you.

Winner! Winner! Winner! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

What would it take to create the energy of winning?

What would it take to cultivate energy of benevolent power?

What would it take for you love yourself enough to follow through and persist to some lofty pursuit and thereby ‘WIN’ OVER AND OVER AGAIN?

In order to create a space for things to pop into your reality that you adore, one must be willing to push the reality into existence!

It’s actually a talent you can cultivate. It’s actually a talent you can learn.

I have a toolbox you can borrow to create new possibilities and step into the energy of…

  • ‘Things always work for me. I am lucky.’
  • ‘Of course, I can do make this new reality happen. I am capable.’
  • ‘Of course, I got that cool thing to happen for me today, my energy knows how to win.”

In the session, you will…

~ Create powerful conditions to help your abundance grow!

~ Learn how to insist and persist in improving your reality!

~ Create an unstoppable energy backed by your new found tools and talents!

Stop Making Excuses, Just Do It! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

Do you often think what is my real problem?…

What if your real problem was some hidden, energy, stuck back in time when you were young? 

In my experience in working with over 30,000 clients one on one and thousands more, in my online courses, is that the source of your problems is your blocks and patterns you took on in order to learn how to be a people. 

This is the true reason why you have a problem.

In a young kid, your brain waves are stuck in theta and in theta, you are downloading your parent’s reality…the brilliant, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So let’s finally resolve your real problem by uncovering the hidden messages you downloaded into you. 

Join me in this session and find your real problem and blow it out of your reality.

You will learn to …

~ Craft a new internal message and have problems drop out of your world.

~ Learn the tools of empowerment so you can shift your reality at will.

~ Learn the magic words to take your manifesting to the next level!

The Business Energy You Refuse To Cultivate! But It Will Make You Great!! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

Have you considered that you are actually a walking, talking business? Even if you work for someone else, you have to ‘sell’ them on why they should pay you.

Offering your gifts skills and talents earns you more income. Therefore, kaboom, you are a business model. 

Your extra-ordinary gifts and talents are waiting to be uncovered so you can shine light on them, share them and graduate into the energy of getting PAID FOR WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU BRING TO THE TABLE. 

Some folks have huge, abundance, blocking ideas about business. Others thrive on it. They love the energy of creation.

After all, a business is actually a creative pursuit. An idea pops in your head, you implement it, you build it, you share it. People love it. You get paid for it. It can be a physical thing or it can be simply sharing your talents and expertise.

What I do know… is that happy people, create.

Happy people thrive by sharing themselves and shining brightly.

So join me as I help you move past the energy of limiting what you can get paid for and let me help you step into your awesomeness and start building a platform where you can get paid for your multiple gifts and talents.

Congrats! You Get Paid To Be You!! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

Getting paid to be you. Sounds wonderful.

It sure sounds easier! I once asked…”What should I be when I grow up?”

A voice (My intuitive self) replied that said “Just be you.” 

To be honest, I was kind of mad at that answer.

You see I was young and didn’t know my talents or my potential really.

So, I kinda of spun my wheels until the Light Beings showed up in my living room and really showed me what was possible.  Now I have helped literally hundreds of thousands of people. 

Now it all makes sense, truly.

I wake up every day delighted that I can be and do me on a daily basis, with no exceptions, no apologies, zero excuses. I just step onto my path and money and abundance happens as I coach others to simply be themselves and do it by playing full out.

So  let me help you trust yourself, trust your talents, trust that the universe has your back when you take guided, intuitive action steps.
At the end of this session, you will be thinking…

  • “Okay, I am free to be me!” Imagine owning who you are and creating a business from that space? Nobody could tell you what to be and how to go about it.
  • “I can get paid for simply sharing what I am awesome at.” You would just own your power, make guided choices and live from true wealth.
  • “Struggle is actually a choice. Who would have thunk it? I can choose a brand new choice. A clear path.”

In this session, we will find all the places where you push back from doing life from your energy. Join me as we find your authentic power!

The happy outcome is you live your authentic power!

In this event you can:
– See how being free to embrace your true self can make your more abundant!
– Identify past patterns to clear where you felt stopped or blocked to being authentic!
– Finally stand in your own power and be your true authentic self!

“Intuition: The Interesting Skill You Really Need To Thrive:How To Open Up Your Inner GPS!” Live, Online Event!

Join Christie live, many times this month and start training your intuition!


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