Broken Promises and Promises Meant To Be Broken!

Have you ever declared, “I’ll never love anyone the way I love you!” and then end up in a string of bad relationships with other people after you break up? Have you ever promised to do something you had no intention of doing or swore a vow to someone before things fell apart?

Do you find yourself repeating scenarios of the same cycles you’re trying desperately to break?

When you devote your energy to oaths, pacts, vows, and promises made with good intentions but that ultimately dwindled, your energy is still devoted until you actively address the vibes that remain.

Join me and find all the places you created vows and oaths that bind you to energy that no longer serves you!

The happy outcome is that you’ll release yourself from those pacts that hold you back!

In this event you can:
~ Reverse-engineer your patterns to find hidden oaths and promises you made in your life.
~ Cut cords and attachments to people and situations that feed negative patterns.
~ Take back the energetic keys you gave to people in your life and return any responsibility you took on for someone else’s keys.