It’s A Brand New Year: Manifesting Your Dreams & Goals, Joyfully! Live Event


Live Event: It’s A Brand New Year: Manifesting Your Dreams & Goals, Joyfully! 

This live event helps you eliminate the baggage in the way of manifesting your 2022, your happiest way!

1.8.2021 @ 8 am Pacific Time! 90 minutes long.

See more details below.

Just know that if you cannot make it live, you will get the recording. I personally, would not miss it…but any clearing is better than zero clearing.

Spend some time creating a life you love and bring in 2022 in a powerful way.


It's A Brand New Year: Manifesting Your Dreams & Goals, Joyfully!

Yessssssserri! It is time to create the life you deserve. 2022 is your year.

Your Soul/Infinite Self is screaming at you to tear down that wall and unleash your magnificence.

If you want something and you don’t have it… have blocks. Plain and simple.

If you have blocks…

…you procrastinate.

…you make excuses.

…you freeze.

This dilemma causes you defeat, heartache and the worst effect of all….  

It can spiral into ‘quitting’ on yourself.

An Infinite Being never quits. It’s not in your nature. It’s actually the opposite energy of how you are made as a  Creator Being In A Body.

It’s actually harder to quit than to keep going and follow the energy of your Spirit and the life force that runs through you.

You are an Infinite/Creator Being born to create a life you love…quit is not in your authentic dictionary.

Your blocks and dilemmas have to get solved for your 2022 to turn out the way you like it.

I have a deal for you.

Show up on January 8th.

Get clear instructions on how to arrange your energy to bypass your blocks.

Turn on the magnificent power of your Infinite resources and bam… life can move towards your happy dreams and goals.

2022 is calling to you.

Let’s make it grand!


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