The Boss Up-Bundle


The Boss Up!-Bundle

You’ve heard the expression, “you can do anything you put your mind to” It’s true.

To achieve the life of abundance and success you desire, you have to actually believe it as well.

What most people don’t realize is that in order for that kind of magic to come into their lives, they have to first get clear on what they can do before they can even think about getting what they want.

And it all starts with a clear understanding of your talents, gifts, and skills (your personal superpowers).

In the “Boss Up” bundle, you’ll discover the unique gifts you possess right now that have the ability to start bringing massive abundance into your reality once you clear the blocks standing in the way and allow yourself to take action.

You’ll discover how to combine your unique talents and gifts to open up your revenue-generating opportunities, release self-sabotaging beliefs for good, and create a life that is dedicated to personal growth, joy, and abundance.

These two group clearing event recordings help you uncover the ways in which your past experiences are still impacting your present reality. Then, you’ll walk through a step-by-step process for releasing these limiting beliefs and tapping into your true gifts so that you can bring more success and abundance into your reality.


This bundle includes the products below:

A. Congrats! You Get Paid To Be You!

Have you ever felt that in one or more areas of your life you have had to be inauthentic? Well, we all have had moments or instances where we’ve felt like that. It doesn’t sit right does it? It’s like…well…it’s not truly you. What if I told you that you can find the most joy and abundance in just being you? What would it take for you to be that authentically connected that you can feel the truth and the power and the authenticness of who you really are?… An Abundant, Creator Being in a body.

Join me in this sesison and finally be YOU in every part of your life…and get paid for it too!

In this course you will:

~ Own your authentic power and true self to be the Abundant Being you are

~ Learn to make guided choices so you may live from True Wealth

~ Identify past patterns where you felt stopped or blocked from being the Authentic You

B. The Struggle Addict: Is Your Hard Work Really Paying Off?

Do you know the difference between “hard work” and “struggling”? When we say “hard work”, it simply means putting forth the effort to do something that presents itself as difficult (at first). With everything in life, doing the work makes it happen.

“Struggling” is really just the excuse we tell ourselves is normal when doing hard work isn’t getting you the results you want. So then you have to ask yourself the question…

Is your hard work even paying off… or are you just appearing busy to yourself and the world while actually running on a treadmill of struggle?

One of the main reasons people aren’t making the money they want is because they aren’t doing the things that are going to make them money!

Join me as we explore the things you’re choosing to dedicate your energy to that’s keeping you busy not making money!

The happy outcome is that you recognize what’s draining the profitability out of your life so you can upgrade those things to finally start bringing in money.

In this event you can:

~ Uncover the things that keep you attached to the struggle mindset.

~ Learn how to detach yourself from things that aren’t profitable to your life.

~ Shift and align your energy and actions to match your abundant happy end result.

++ Sorry no substitutions if you already have any of these Group events.

Let’s be honest… they are such a ridiculously low investment, it’s totally worth it for even one Event recording.


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