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6 Homestudy Programs all bundled to help you find ease in your body.

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It seems like a lot of people are complaining about aches and pains right now.

2020 was a very ‘stuck’ year and so that type of energy can translate into body gunk.
Is this you?


Fun facts:
#1 In my line of work, I see people store their thoughts, feelings, and emotions into parts of their body all day long.

#2 There are often 1-4 hiding spots for all the gunk you don’t want to deal with.

#3 If you are a person who is in denial, you will hide the stuff in your body and make it harder to find.

#4 If you are a ‘nice’ person, I promise you, you don’t want to feel anger, so you will store that in your body and not be able to find it with ease.

#5 If you are a person who does not like to feel…. you will turn down/off your feelings and shove them in your body so you don’t have to deal with ‘feeling’ your emotions.

#6 It is common for clients to notice that places where they store their emotions often have a history of aches and pains or some unease.

#7 I can teach you to find these hiding spaces and I want to give you a special discount to just get over it.


It is time to release you from your old emotions and get on with it…don’t you think?

2020 was kinda stuck energy and 2021 wants movement… energy…upleveling…bliss.


So let’s get over it and get a move on.


*No substitutions or exchanges. It’s such a low rate/high value. Just do it.


Body Magic…Package Of 6 Bestselling Homestudy Recordings!

Homestudy Clearing #1: What Feeds Your Body, Feeds Your Soul!

$97 Value!

Body Cleansing: What Feeds Your Body, Feeds Your Soul! Mp3 & Workbook

Have you ever felt highly emotional… such as sad, mad, or angry about something only to find comfort in a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate?

Your body is sending you signals and messages all the time, triggering different responses to different stimuli, and a lot of it has to do with how you’re emotionally feeling. 

Allergies, cravings, mood swings, pleasurable tingles… are the keys to messages your body is gifting you.

Your body is always talking to you, gifting you with clues to your inner energy,

It is your true partner and the only true home you have here on planet Earth.

You may work on clearing your mind and uplifting your spirits … but sometimes your body is an afterthought.

You have to clean it, love it, and take care of it for 70+ years.

Join us as we tune in to your body’s communication system and uncover the energetic and emotional gifts, messages, & clues your body is sending you.

The happy outcome is that you know what you need on a mind, body, and soul level and begin to create two-way communication with your body.

In this event you can:
~ Learn the ‘body’ language that connects you to the truth of what is happening inside your body. 

~ Understand your body’s process for handling your emotional needs.

~ Discover the telltale signals your body may need something from you that you are confusing for hunger. 

Homestudy Clearing #3: Clearing Body Aches & Pains!

(Formerly known as Achey, Breaky, Body.)

$97 Value!

Clearing Body Aches & Pains! Mp3 & Workbook

Have you ever felt like you’ve had this pain or ache that keeps coming back or it’s consistent?

What if these aches and pains are little love gifts?

Think about it… If my body is hurting then there is some message that I need to receive.

I look at that as a blessing it’s trying to show me something.

Join me in this session to blast all these body aches and pains outta your energy field!

In this course you will:

~ Learn how to listen to the messages your body is sharing with you.

~ Feed the body with the love, energy, and nutrition it requires.

~ Blow up old thought patterns and statements that you placed on yourself which manifested physically.

Homestudy Clearing #5: Body: Put The ‘You’ Back In Youth!

$97 Value!

Put The “You’ Back In Youth!  Mp3 & Workbook

The achy knees, the sore back, the sharp pain in your leg.

How many body issues do you think are just a part of “getting old” and there’s really nothing you can do about it?

Did you know that a lot of times we unwittingly create the energy that causes us these aches and pains because we have hidden fears attached to aging or getting old?

Join me as we revitalize your view on aging and pump fresh, new energy and youthful spirit into your daily life!

The happy outcome is that you start feeling physically and emotionally as young and vibrant in real life as you are in your mind and spirit.

In this event you can:

~ Shift your POV on aging from fear of getting old to simply gaining experience on this planet!

~ Recapture your youth emotionally and figure out what body signals make you feel old.

~ How to recognize and shift stale energy and fix your thoughts & words to match your youthful feel.

Homestudy Clearing #2: Body Talks: Are You Listening To Your Body?!

$97 Value!

Body Talks: Are You Listening To Your Body?! Mp3 & Workbook

Your body is the house to your soul and your reality is created by all of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and decisions that you make on a daily basis.

Your body will act as a sensory organism to detect what it is in the reality field that you need to change.

It will show you what old emotions are stuck in specific body parts and your body can detect higher vibrations and lower vibrations through your body. 

Join me in reinvigorating your body for it to function at optimum efficiency

In this course you will:

~ Open up your sensory perceptions and hear the messages your body is sharing.

~ Unlock the old patterns and emotions in, on, and around your body and release old aches and pains.

~ Understand the energies and patterns present and learn what your body truly needs.

Homestudy Clearing #4: Clearing Body Messages!

$97 Value!

Clearing Body Messages: Mp3 & Workbook

When you start to notice that things in, on, and around your body aren’t what you want them to be, its time to start clearing house!

Our bodies give us clues and hints as to what it wants and needs in the form of physical nutrition, emotional love and even where our blocks are.

More often than not we choose to ignore those hints.

Join me in this session to get your mind and body back into agreement about living the healthy life you want!

In this course you will:

~ Decode the messages in your body that could be sending mixed signals.

~ Re-establish and strengthen your “Reality Field” and create what you want in your life.

~ Know what it is your body requires to run at optimum efficiency.

Homestudy Clearing #6: Stressless: Move Stressful Energy Into Peaceful Solutions

$97 Value!

Stressless: Move Stressful Energy Into Peaceful Situations!  Mp3 & Workbook

Stress hurts your body. The #1 cause of illness is ‘stress’. 

How many of you guys would love to live without stress?

Stress is a signal from your Soul that your life is not working in some way.

Please consider that every moment of stress takes hours for your adrenals to recover!

Plus, you are sending out negative, abundance reducing, energy into your reality.  

Join me in this session and stop the flow of junk and create SOUL-U-TIONS to your everyday stress.

In this course you will:

~ Change your perspective on stress and how it affects you.
~ Get out of the energy of survival and into the energy of abundance!
~ Love the process of creating peace-filled opportunities and outcomes.


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