Body Cleansing: What Feeds Your Body, Feeds Your Soul! 

Have you ever felt highly emotional… such as sad, mad, or angry about something only to find comfort in a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate?

Your body is sending you signals and messages all the time, triggering different responses to different stimuli, and a lot of it has to do with how you’re emotionally feeling. 

Allergies, cravings, mood swings, pleasurable tingles… are the keys to messages your body is gifting you.

Your body is always talking to you, gifting you with clues to your inner energy,

It is your true partner and the only true home you have here on planet Earth.

You may work on clearing your mind and uplifting your spirits … but sometimes your body is an afterthought.

You have to clean it, love it, and take care of it for 70+ years.

Join us as we tune in to your body’s communication system and uncover the energetic and emotional gifts, messages, & clues your body is sending you.

The happy outcome is that you know what you need on a mind, body, and soul level and begin to create two-way communication with your body.

In this event you can:
~ Learn the ‘body’ language that connects you to the truth of what is happening inside your body. 

~ Understand your body’s process for handling your emotional needs.

~ Discover the telltale signals your body may need something from you that you are confusing for hunger. 


Here are direct posts from the webinar chat box:
Christie… thank you. This was by far the best webinar I have ever done with you and I have done your intuition training.
Thanks CMS… my headache has left me. It feels like for good.


Shoulder pain lessoned.  I now know why I broke my ankle. Thanks.

I was shocked and surprised my cancer feels different. I feel so much lighter. 


I’m 57. Feeling in my 20’s for sure!

My stomach looks smaller.  That is some crazy stuff.


I heard fat on the thighs has to do with the father.  Is that true?


So many things came up before this se4ssion…now feel amazing and healed.


This seminar is POWERFUL!  It woke me up to sign for it! HAHAH in the middle of the night. 


Scale of 1-10: went from 6 to 9 about being happy in my body!!! And my shoulder feels so much better now that I got the knife out of it – LOL!!!


I have seen miracles about my body, energy this entire year by just following CMS tools & attending your sessions. Coming out of depression without pills is a miracle for me. I feel amazing all day. Thanks, Christie


My left foot feels better.