The Big Vision-Bundle


The Big Vision!-Bundle

Are you a creative, yet stuck, a dreamer who needs help making those dreams real?

Uncovering your personal abundance, purpose, and vision can seem like a daunting task…but it doesn’t have to be.

In the “Big Vision” Bundle, you will discover the secret to uncovering your untold TRUE story. A story that will set the stage for the life of your dreams.

In this bundle, you’ll take a journey to discover your unique abilities to go beyond the status quo and start living as you mean it… taking on every challenge and exploring new possibilities with Big Vision.

These two group clearing event recordings will equip you with the tools you need to achieve your highest potential.



This bundle includes the products below:

A. Dream Driver – Your Big Why

By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “My dream is my reality and I’m going for it!”

Have you ever wanted something so bad, you could almost physically taste it? Something you can’t stop thinking about that consumes your every waking thought?

Is it all-consuming because you’re totally focused and moving forward towards that thing?
Or is it because it feels far away and unachievable from where you currently are?

If what you’re doing now isn’t bringing you the joy and abundant fulfillment you expect, it’s time to start evaluating what it is you’re doing and why.

Join me and get to the core of what’s driving your ambition or your apathy.

The happy outcome is you’ll align with what makes you truly happy in life and direct your drive towards achieving all your dreams.

In this event you can:
~ Gain clarity on your ‘big why’ and your reasons to go for it.
~ Open yourself up to believing you can dream as big as you want and actually get it.
~ Learn where things in your current life don’t align with what you see for your future abundant self.

B. The Secret To Uncovering Your Personal Abundance Activators

When you envision the life in front of you… the one you’re working so hard for… what do you see?

What are the things you’re enjoying in that dream escape? Nice clothes? Big house? Lots of family and friends around you?

Did you know that all those things you see in your daydreams about being rich or famous or just plain happy… are your Abundance Activators?

The images you conjure up in your mind about building a new life for you, your family, and all your loved ones are the things that flip the abundant switch on inside you and give you that drive to actually go for it.

The question is …

Would you allow yourself to imagine an abundant future and actually believe it’s a reality you can exist in?

Join me and open your imagination up to the unlimited possibilities you allowed yourself to dream about when your head hits the pillow at night!

The happy outcome is that you allow yourself to start dreaming as big as you want and step into the abundant, happy YOU now!

In this event you can:
~ Conjure up the perfect vision of your happy end result and start being that person now.
~ Figure out what makes you feel abundant and start aligning with those energies.
~ Get rid of all the junk that stops you from making abundant things happen in your life.

++ Sorry no substitutions if you already have any of these Group events.

Let’s be honest… they are such a ridiculously low investment, it’s totally worth it for even one Event recording.


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