Amplify 2023-Bundle!


Today Only! Only $29 per session! Normally $97 (Save $140 today!)
Two Live, Online Holiday Events!

1. Clean Slate For You In 2022!

December 30th  @ 5 PM Pacific Time!


2. Be Free In 2023!

January 21st  @ 8 AM Pacific Time!

(Descriptions Below!)


Clean Slate For You In 2022!

Are your dreams taking longer than you would like to manifest? 

Are you struggling to take the productive, actionable steps required to lead you to the life of freedom and enjoyment you envision? 

Do you feel stuck or blocked from progressing forward?

You know that you are meant to do great things in the world – that you have something of value to offer. 

Why is it so hard to get started in the direction of your dreams, or even move out of your comfort zone?

The free flow of energy, abundance, and joy can be stifled by subconscious negative programs that keep us stuck.

Join us in this SPECIAL HOLIDAY group clearing event where you’ll gain tools to clear those blocks and take productive, actionable steps required to lead you down the path towards the life of freedom and enjoyment you envision in your dreams.

The happy outcome is you’ll start choosing and releasing your limiting beliefs while setting new intentions on how you want things to be in your life and getting clear on the vision for your ideal future.

In this event you can:

~ Jump-start your success and achieve your dream life in the shortest amount of time possible.

~ Tap into your intuitive wisdom within you to clear any and all blocks to prosperity, peace of mind, and self-awareness.

~ Learn how to release outdated habits and behaviors that are holding you back from solving the problems from your past once and for all.

Be Free In 2023!

2023 is almost here! Bang! Your goal for the New Year may be just around the corner, but that massive steaming pile of disappointment from the past year might be standing in your way.

Of course, everything may not be perfect in your life but, dang it, you’re good at creating the illusion that everything is great!

It sounds like an oxymoron but, unfortunately, to most people … the people who create this illusion … it’s true.

BUT… If that’s you, you’re not alone.

Gaining clarity about where you’re going and why will empower you to make better decisions and achieve things that have seemed impossible before now. Accepting that you might need a helping hand to motivate you, or removing any roadblocks so you can reach your goal to become who you really want to be is more attainable than you think.

Join us in this SPECIAL HOLIDAY Group Clearing Event where Christie Marie Sheldon will personally guide you through the blockages and support your efforts toward a deeper level of self-awareness and personal transformation. Let’s make more conscious choices in your life and move toward real abundance rather than just wishful thinking.

The happy outcome is that you’ll learn how to handle past disappointments gracefully and take one step at a time so you can move past 2022’s garbage that holds you back.

In this event you can:

~ Take all the obstacles and excuses off the table so they no longer weigh on your mind as you’re planning out your goals for the upcoming year.

~ Clear away all those old images, emotions and decisions of 2022 so your 2023 decisions are crystal clear and forward-moving.

~ Learn how to get ahead of your goals for the upcoming year and visualize how you can crush them.


Q: Can I only purchase one and not the other? A: Not at this time. This is about taking charge and amplifying your life. Both sessions combined work to do this. 

Q: Can I get the recording if I cannot attend?
A: YES… You get the recording. A lot of people purchase the event even if they cannot attend. Why? You get a workbook and the recording to listen to over and over again after the event for deeper clearing.

Q: Is this live, Christie? Or is it pre-recorded?
A: I am really on it, reading your comments and helping you all as a group.

Q: I did not get my link.
A: Check your spam filter and add to your contact list in your email inbox. 

**Please note: A lot of people purchase this to listen to later if they cannot attend live. You will get a recording of the event.

The deadline for purchase is 5 AM PDT, the day of the event. If purchase is not made by this time we can’t guarantee your registration link in time. If you purchased and haven’t seen your registration link, please check your spam folder and add this email to your approved contacts list–>


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