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  • NVM- New Value Model

    NVM – New Value Model!

    By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I know my true value and worth.”

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    Live, interactive event with Christie.

    In this event, we are doing live clearings and channelings for the group.

    In this event you will:
    ~ Learn to love from the inside out to ensure you’re only choosing loving, joyful things.
    ~ Develop a crystal-clear vision of the romance & love you see and feel in your happy end result.
    ~ Set solid love life boundaries to align with your clear vision of love.

    $97.00 $55.00
  • IDGAF – Imagination, Direction, Goals, Action, Focus!

    IDGAF – Imagination, Direction, Goals, Action, Focus!

    By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I can actually make my dream reality happen if I’m totally willing to live my own version of life!”

  • ILY – I Love You Group Event

    By the end of this session you be thinking, “ I love myself more than enough to live my truth!”

    Have you ever tried to pour water from an empty cup?

    That’s basically what you’re doing when you’re trying to take care of everything and everyone else in your life before yourself.

    Even if it’s from a well-intentioned place, it’s still not sustainable in the long-run.

    You’ll eventually blow up or meltdown because you’re not living authentically you!

    Join me as we go on a journey of self-discovery and truth.
    The happy outcome is that you fill in with so much self-love that you refuse to accept anything less in your reality.

    In this event you can:
    ~ Create a go-to self-care routine to quickly bring you back to center when things feel off.
    ~ See where you’re spread too thin and uncover alternate options.
    ~ Stand up and start living in the true reality that suits you.