A Brand New Powerful Set of Tools from Christie Marie Sheldon:


Creating wealth is easiest if you use the powerful tools to transform your
Spiritual Wealth Programming.

Do You Have Bad Wealth Programming?

If any of these things are in your life, then you have Wealth Programs that stop your life from

  • You feel burdened by your finances.
  • You know what to do with finances, but you still don’t do anything.
  • You have no Wealth game plan to move forward.
  • You have hardly anything in savings.
  • You can’t figure out how to get more income.
  • You feel badly when you think of this whole subject.

If anything rang true, then I have Tools and Solutions.

Inside All Of Us Is Our Potential.

Your Subconscious Programs Are Stopping You.

We all have subconscious ideas that have soaked in whenever you heard them repeated.
They are a pain in the ‘you-know-what’ to release them, because most people, do not
know how to assess where they are and how to unravel them. These are usually hidden
from our conscious mind, otherwise everyone would fix themselves and just be happy.

If you’ve ever heard your Parent’s speaking about money or life from a place of you have
to ‘work’ hard or “Money is the root of all evil.” These ideas could have soaked in and
are sabotaging your ability to make it happen in Wealth, Happiness, and more.

Researchers Lynn Hasher and Rose T. Zacks conducted research that concludes
that individuals register information about events automatically, subconsciously, outside of
conscious awareness. They demonstrated that we do this unintentially, automatically,
regardless of instructions that the Researchers gave to the test subjects.
Hasher and Rose also showed that this innate human ability to soak in the things we hear
or see happened regardless of an individuals age, education, personality, or intelligence.
American Psychologist, Vol 39(12), Dec 1984, 1372-1388. doi:

Even if you are smart, intelligent, and aware, the research is saying that these things still soak in.

Other research by Pawel Lewicki, P. Hill, T. Czyzewska in the American Psychologist Journals show that when Participants are given both truth knowledge and manufactured ideas, that both of them snuck into the Participants consciousness and they started operating with truth and falsehood….AS IF BOTH WERE THE TRUTH. In spite on knowing that the information was false, they still operated on it.

The Experimentors proved that People, when exposed to both truth and falsehood, were taking this information in as truth and using it to judge their environment. It was changing how
they perceived their world and even how they acted and made decisions!! THE

Are You Still In The Old Framework
Of Wealth and

Did you grow up hearing things like…

“You have to have money to make money?”
“Rich people are greedy.”
“You have to work hard for your money.”
“You’ll never get ahead.”
“You are part of the rat race.”

Or, maybe you just witnessed your Parent’s struggle with money. If any of these things are true, you then soaked these things in and you are operating from these old, false, messages……


So, How Do You Fix These Messages That Stop Your Life From Working Out?

My Research led me to a discovery. I worked on literally over 10,000 people One on One so I could figure out the patterns that people have embodied into their subconscious. Next, I worked with these clients to shift and change their Inner Happiness, Wealth, and Life Models of living.

I DISCOVERED how to change their OLD, DEFUNCT Programming and my client’s lives became better!! I even did this in Powerful Group Clearing Sessions and the reports I got back were impressive.

Now, I have upgraded and changed these Tools to make them available to you. I change things, if I find something that works better with my Clients. So, now you get the benefit of my Work and I get the pleasure of doing my Mission on the Planet, to help millions of people Fix their Programming and get happy.

You Deserve The Lifestyle You Want.

Do you wish to live in a Penthouse?
Do you wish to live in an Eco-friendly community?
What does your life look like in the upgraded Wealth Consciousness?
Close your eyes and really imagine if Money was no longer an issue.

What would you be doing?
Where would you live?

Would you be on your life purpose?
Would you have a family?
If you have a family, where would you vacation?
What schools would your children go to?
What adventures would you go on?
What lifestyle fits your needs…..city or suburbs? Multiple homes?

Some people just want to pay the bills and save money to build wealth. Others, like extravagant energy and adventures in their life. In order to make these things upgrade, you have to choose to change the very CORE energy that holds this reality in
place. You are not going to change this until you make a new decision.

This decision is from your SOUL. Your Soul wants you to have what you really want. Why wouldn’t it. I think it is a shame that so many good people are not feeling valued and cared for in life.

You deserve to live Abundantly. You deserve to live Happily. You deserve to be able to make your Family proud of your accomplishments.

You deserve your Life to be Your Way!

What I Know For Sure!

What I know for sure is that the only thing in the way of you getting it, is your Subconscious Programs. That is it. In all my years of doing this, nobody ever, ever, ever made a new life, without somehow shifting some CORE frameworks about
themselves and what was possible in their life. I invite you to follow your Soul’s calling and make a huge leap forward.

Christie Marie Sheldon, Author and Intuitive Life Coach, Has helped thousands of people upgrade their Ability to Manifest more of the quality of life they desire.

She has helped Business Leaders, Authors, and clients of all walks of life. Her deepest desire is for people to get the help they need, so they can be in thrival vs. survival.

She is the Author of the program, ‘Love or Above”, ” Unlimited Abundance Journey” and more.

She’s helped thousands of people in the personal growth industry.

Is this YOU?

The Gallop Poll Well — Being Index tracks 55 individual items that together provide a comprehensive picture of Americans’ physical and emotional health, financial and workplace wellbeing, and access to basic necessities.

In September 2008, the U.S. economy began its downward spiral. The federal government bailed out Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG in the same few weeks that Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy. It was as if there was an earthquake on Wall Street sending company after company crashing to the ground, leaving the stock market — and in turn 401(k) s and pension funds — bruised and battered. This series of events also sent significant negative shocks to the American psyche. The Well — Being Index’s daily mood measure, which reports the average amount of happiness and enjoyment respondents experience without a lot of stress or worry, is typically in the 40% range on weekdays and the high — 50% range on weekends. This pattern was fairly steady until it fell to 37% on Sept. 17, 2008, the same day the Dow plummeted 449 points.
Happiness dropped to 37% several more times throughout the fall of 2008 as the dire economic news continued and hit an all — time low of 35% on Dec. 11 — the day that new jobless claims reached a 26 — year high.

The outcomes of the financial meltdown affecting the country as a whole weighed down millions of Americans’ outlook on their own lives. The percentage of Americans who were “struggling” surpassed those “thriving” for the first time in October 2008, a trend that continued through March of 2009.

Americans are considered thriving or struggling based on how they rate their current and future lives on a scale based on the Cantril Self — Anchoring Striving Scale. Thriving fell to a low of 42% in February 2009, compared with 52% just over a year earlier in the first month of tracking in January 2008.

What Are The Tools Christie Shares With Clients?

If you participated in a live Event with me, you know that I like to use an Energy Model to Change your Wealth Consciousness. This Energy model has been used on thousands of Clients, One on One for fine-tuning.

Next, I used this Energy Model on Groups and the Effectiveness was astonishing. I cleared their old Programs, using my Intuitive Senses, I could hear and see what to clear from the groups and individuals. We connected to the Infinite Playing Field
of Goodness, and changed these inner sabotaging Programs.

Just like that, I started getting a flood of emails from people telling me that their life was getting better and better. Here are some of the comments, from the literally hundreds I received.

“My husband found $1,500…”

Yesterday a friend I haven’t seen for a few weeks could not believe the change she saw in me…She wanted to know my secret…how was I so vibrant, electric, alive and looking very hot and younger?!

Here are some of the things I have been able to manifest in a few short weeks…

  • I’ve manifested an additional $400/mo doing some things for my mother.
  • I received a letter from my auto insurance company saying they owe me $112 for an overpayment in 2007.
  • My neighbor moved and no longer wanted her treadmill…I put it on Craig’s List and sold it for $145 last Sunday. The new owners were delighted with the deal. They didn’t even haggle.
  • This morning my mother phoned and told me she had $100 for me, no reason.
Janet Williams

“A lot of really positive things have happened since I started with your Classes, it’s only been 6 weeks and…

  • I got a new job …with a $5,000 signing bonus …actually I had 3 job offers on the table!
  • I completely repaired my relationship with my parents.
  • I got myself a nice studio in downtown Seattle a walking distance from work and I am in the process of moving there.
  • I had a breakthrough realization as to what has been holding up my development in music/guitar.
  • I realized that my profession/occupation (software developer) is actually a pretty nice gig to have.
Roman Khramets

“…I manifested a part time job making $40 per hr. which was exactly what I had set an intention on…”

So far my total abundance from this journey:

  • Approximately $10,000 extra per yr. in part time work
  • $8,500 in loan debt erased

    Total =$18,500
    I’m happier, healthier, wealthier, and wiser which is priceless…in my opinion!

Desiree Quinn

“… Helped her close a $20MM development contract.”

I was talking to a friend of mine that owns a small real estate firm and she asked if I would be willing to come work for her. I was looking for a change so I agreed to consider it. After a few months went by she approached me again. This time she asked if I was
serious about making a change and that she wanted me to help her close a $20MM development contract!
…I just love the way the Universe works behind the scenes to make it all come together… What a great feeling it was to go into a meeting of this magnitude and not feel nervous at all! I know it was because of the training and techniques from Christie Marie Sheldon

…I cannot wait to see all that lies ahead and all that will unfold in the future!!

Deann Scheppele

“I have many wonderful things happening in my life, the day after I started your course…we received $1600”

Three months ago my husband almost died and spent 5 days in the hospital his bill was $58,180 plus $3,000 for the ambulance and $3,000 for the doctors…and we have no insurance! So you can imagine how we felt! Two weeks after taking your course the ambulance bill was brought down… we paid only $650. The $3,000 for the doctor’s fee is being paid in payments and we applied for a program called Sponsor Care for the hospital bill. This Friday I received a letter from them pardoning us of the $58,180 bill! We are so thrilled, thank you Universe! I have been asking it how I could get this paid…almost every day! And thank you Christie for giving me the tools to accomplish this! We are feeling so blessed!

Estella Rodriguez

“I’ve made over $20,000”

When I started this program I was financially devastated, having spent through all of my inheritance money and going into the equity in my house to live…I had to rent my house to stop the financial bleeding and live with friends.

After about the 4th week of your classes, I had a miracle: A woman called me out of the blue, wanting to work with me…Since then I’ve made over $20,000 which enabled me to pay off my credit card and put money back into my savings and move back into my house.

Then a former client called me and wanted me to come to Canada to work with her…She paid for the car rental, half the gas and another $2500 for my services. I had a wonderful paid working vacation…

When I got to Customs, I was pulled aside because I had taken an old passport instead of my new one! I kept asking, “What would it take to get through customs easily and effortlessly?” …They let me through with minor hassles.

I’ve been repeating this question, What would it take to make money doing what I love!!!”
And today I woke up with a “clear vision” of the next direction of my work and am excited to get started…based on things I’m really passionate about.

And I’ve been asking, “What would it take to fall in love with the man of my dreams?”
…For the first time I feel hopeful to meet someone.

Jane Latimer

The “Wealth Consciousness Program”
Embodying the Happiness, Wealth and Abundance You Deserve!

Tools For Living. That’s What You Deserve!

completed any of my Wealth and Abundance classes, these tools are for you too.

Here is what you get:

11 New Embodying Wealth Techniques

Tool Number 1
False History be-gone. With this tool, you clear the way for you to bring in your new model of Wealth and

Tool Number 2
Conscious Living. With this tool, you engage all of your senses so you can be aware of all your inner Gifts for

Tool Number 3
The Back Bone. With this tool, you change your ideas and false information about Wealth.

Tool Number 4
The Golden Keys. With this tool, you Open Doors that were shut to Wealth and Happiness.

Tool Number 5
The Numbering System. With this tool, you can start the manifesting process of changing the amount of Wealth you currently embody.

Tool Number 6
The Wealth Embodiment. With this tool, you start to re-member that the universe is always bringing you things, so why not bring in exactly your Model.

Tool Number 7
Getting the Grudge. With this tool, we clear the deep seeded embodied, wasteful, energy you have stopping your flow of Abundance.

Tool Number 8
The Choice of Abundance. With this tool, we clear the habits of making the same choices day in and day out that never bring you anything different.

Tool Number 9
God Only Knows. With this tool, we awaken your inner guidance system. Starting now, you take Guided Action.

Tool Number 10
You Know The Truth. With this tool, we take you on a Journey to release all the lies and misinformation about
material wealth.

Tool Number 11
Money Magnet. With this tool, you remember how to attract the highest possibility for your life.

Okay…so it is Jam Packed with exciting new information, laid out in an amazing method of releasing all your deep seeded, life sabotaging Wealth Consciousness.

Make no mistake, this stuff is powerful! In every class, you get the release techniques that can change and shift your life more quickly than anything you have ever done. If you are tired of being stuck in old Wealth Energy, then this is the tool to use to change your life.

30 DAY money back guarantee. Try me out for 30 days and never be the same again! I promise you, this stuff works and I have hundreds more testimonies to prove it.

Easy to Use Tools…Just sit back and listen to these relaxing, fun sessions in your car, in the shower, before you drift off to sleep. Just listen for 15 minutes a day and start changing your Wealth Programming.

Member Area.
Start connecting with your Fellow Wealth Consciousness Peeps and grow together. Christie and her staff help you in the Member are forum!

This is your choice. You have to tune into your CONSCIOUS PART OF YOU vs. the OLD SABOTAGING YOU. Which part of your consciousness wins? Make a choice to act now on the positive energy techniques that can change your life.

I personally, don’t think you have a choice. I have been witness to countless miracles, from thousands of clients. I know this stuff works. I know it changes lives. I know that lots of good people are struggling and that you know the answer for you, right now is to take action.

So what are you waiting for??? Take a Chance, Make a Change, Push this Button and access your Wealth Consciousness Program Right Now…

Go ahead…Push this button!

Wealth Consciousness Program:

11 Life Changing Tools.
I’ve sold One on One sessions for thousands of dollars, you get the same tools
for far less.

Members Area For Help. $450, is what 1 session with my team costs. You get
support from my team.

Instant Access: Download onto your iPod or Computer or Access on Member’s

Yours for Only $299

Today only, as a Gift For
Joining This Program.

What are you waiting for?

Seriously, one more testimony to show you what is possible. ; )
She manifested a million dollars in 12 weeks, after being stuck for a year, afraid of losing everything her family
business with her husband and 2 kids had built.

My wish for you is that your dreams come true, too.

Many Blessings to you,

Christie Marie Sheldon

“…brought us three new tenants…, revenue of nearly a million dollars… instant manifestation”

Hi Christie,
Since the course started my intention each session has been to have our two retail centers 100% profitably leased, and for us to pay
off our centers and our home.

  • In the two weeks … he brought us three new tenants!
  • We are finalizing the lease of another who has taken one of our bigger spaces for 10 years, revenue of nearly a million dollars.
  • Then a huge retail property near us was sold for far above market price raising the value of retail properties in the area.
  • Free tickets to shows. A free VIP ticket worth $3995.00 to a 4 day conference in Los Angeles, where the nation’s top and highest paid speakers are sharing their success secrets.

Personally, I have come out of my financial funk and I am trusting that things will improve. I feel lighter, more joyous, and more empowered.

I use the Secret Formula for everything from getting a parking space, to arriving at appointments in time, and resolving issues of every kind, as well as clearing my future intentions.

Also” Love and Above” helps me smile at life’s irritating happenings! Often I feel the shift in my energy when I apply these.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I so look forward to each of your sessions, and love your joyous presence. It has been the most amazing journey and I have some awesome tools. Thank you again.

Much Love and Many Blessings
Anne (Johanna) H.

For any Questions or Support, Please email me at ChristieMarieSheldon@gmail.com
Many Blessings to you!!

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