Upcoming Live Group Clearing Events

Live Group Clearing Events are approximately 75-90 minutes each, one Saturday a month at 8am Pacific/ 11am Eastern US time.

Christie works interactively with the group in these topic-specific clearings to clear common blocks on a different topic each month. It's a great way to get a feel for her clearing work, and get some blocked energy flowing! GCEs include the downloads with registration, even if you don't attend Live. Clearings are equally effective in recording as live, multiple listens increase the impact and receiving of the clearing work.

Your webinar registration link is automatically generated at time of purchase, ready to download digitally immediately on purchase. If you only have an iphone or ipad and do not have a computer to download the mp3 audio files, please contact the office for assistance: christiemariesheldon@gmail.com

Live Group Clearing Events are $97 each, or you can get a set of the next 12 upcoming live events >> HERE for just $695 - that's a savings of 40%!

Your Registration Information is delivered automatically in the downloadable Event Registration pdf following purchase for all Upcoming Live Event purchases made in advance of the Live Broadcast. Downloads will be delivered by email within 7 business days after broadcast. Purchases made after the Live Broadcast start time will receive the Event pdf with the download link for the audio mp3 and slides pdf following purchase - those links will go live as soon as the recordings are ready, within 7 business days.

Dec 2017 GCE
Saturday Dec 16th
Wreck the Halls: Are the Stupid Stories You're Telling Yourself Wrecking Your Life? Live Group Clearing Event


Jan 2018 GCE
Saturday January 13th
Live Group Clearing Event
Topic TBA

Feb 2018 GCE
Saturday February 10th
Live Group Clearing Event
Topic TBA

Mar 2018 GCE
Saturday March 10th
Live Group Clearing Event
Topic TBA

April 2018 GCE
Saturday April 14th
Live Group Clearing Event
Topic TBA

May 2018 GCE
Saturday May 12th
Live Group Clearing Event
Topic TBA

Jun 2018 GCE
Saturday June 16th
Live Group Clearing Event
Topic TBA

Jul 2018 GCE
Saturday July 14th
Live Group Clearing Event
Topic TBA

Aug 2018 GCE
Saturday August 11th
Live Group Clearing Event
Topic TBA

Sept 2018 GCE
Saturday September 15th
Live Group Clearing Event
Topic TBA

A lot of people say these events helped them to create huge shifts in their life.

Here are a few testimonials....

Dear Christie,

I've attached a letter I received from my Dad after I attended your hollydaze clearing. (Basically, he is apologizing for not being a good dad.) During the session I asked you to clear the energy pattern of we look like the perfect family, the Christmas tree looks perfect, the dinner table is set perfectly, we are dressed perfectly, but there is no connection or the feeling of love present.

After working with me the past few sessions, I am sure you will recognize what a miracle this letter represents. I am so grateful to you for the healing you have brought to my family.

May your holidays be filled with light and love,


And Mahalo!!! The Group Clearing call on making love your vibration course, was fun , and is still easily connecting me to my love vibration without the anxiety of something is going to go wrong because something went right. I am getting more accomplished in my day and my life is fuller and richer. I automatically am appreciating everything, and remembering to keep myself full of lightness. The value of my life has increased in choices, finances, also the value of my own expression is beginning to reveal itself again…hooray

Dear Christie,

I am a fortunate woman, and cannot express enough the amount of appreciation I have for your ability to support the raising of my vibration. In your group clearing today, I was amazed at some of the powerful releasing that I felt. I found out that somewhere deep in me I consider myself a quitter (how harsh, and wow now I get it), I will be continuing to release this with ease instead of the

harshness that had surrounded it. My heart feels like it has a greater space to move in…I am really appreciative, and cannot wait to see what this positive light fills in my week with! Very excited!!

Dear Christie,

Thank you for a lot less pain and for the work I have been able to do since doing the Group Clearing call.
The first time I heard you on a recording of previous webinar i had immediate reactions with debts disappearing the next day, so I look forward to more fun changes and great emotional relief.

Love, blessings, every good wish,

I just did your Mending Mom relationship session this morning. I thought I had done a lot of work on my mom relationship and wow! was there a bunch more to release, I cried, shook and was angry during some of the clearings. I felt tension in my liver. I sent love and light to that and any other parts of my body that had stored old patterns in them.

I am going to repeat this one a few times until I don't get a strong reaction from listening to it. Then on to Dad issues!

Thanks for doing these monthly group sessions!


So, if that kind of Clearing, is right up your alley....here are the Benefits:

  1. You get to interact with Christie Live....and tell Christie what you want to clear!
  2. You can join on the phone or computer.
  3. You get recordings after the session to listen to again and again and again.
  4. If you miss a session, you get the same clearing energy as all of the Live Participants.
  5. Christie offers exclusive offers on her Live Group Calls, that are not open to the public.
  6. Be part of a lot of people moving energy, so your results are exponential vs. doing it on your own.

Click the buy button and join the Adventure!!

After the Purchase, you will get the log ins and reminders for the event 48 hours ahead of time. You will then receive an email telling you how to register and easy instructions on how you can join us by phone or computer. It's that easy.

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