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I’ve utilized my abilities, insights, knowledge and awareness to great benefit in my own life, helping me to achieve my dreams, bringing me substantial success and abundance. Over my
used my ability to see and influence people’s energy fields to help Tens of Thousands people world-wide. My intention is to assist as many people as possible in clearing their blocks and
used my ability to see and influence people’s energy fields to help Tens of Thousands people world-wide. My intention is to assist as many people as possible in clearing their blocks and completed well over 10,000 Private consultations on public figures, celebrities, politicians, public leaders, and private individuals. Let me know how I can assist you!

All things have a Personal Energetic Frequency. Including you. Your Personal Energetic Frequency determines…



Dr David Hawkins wrote about it in his book, Power vs. Force. He clarified in a chart exactly what I was seeing in my Practice in thousands of sessions. I could determine if somebody was going to create a life they enjoyed or not – just by observing their energetic frequency.

Imagine you have a scale of 1-1000. At the lowest end of the spectrum is someone who is not thriving at all. For example, the energetic value of shame is 20, and shame means ‘I am not enough’. So, when we shame somebody, we are throwing them right down the Scale. At Energetic frequency 1000 is the highest state a human being can attain. You would be an Enlightened Master and have all of your Manifesting flows opened up and life would work for you fantastically.

Dr Hawkins used muscle testing and kinesiology to determine where you live at on this scale.

You can test anything on this scale…everything on the planet vibrates somewhere on it. The energy of Guilt measures 30. Guilt is a rather low number to feel in your soul. The Energy of hate measures 50. Adolph Hitler’s energy measures at 45.
Grief measures 75. Fear at 100 but Anger measures at 150 because Anger is a moving energy that moves you past the apathy that can accompany fear and grief. Courage is at 200.

The average number on the planet is only 207 right now.
The number 350 is where acceptance and forgiveness lives at.

500 is the level of love. The energetic frequency and truth in this statement “What is held in the mind as in visioning tends to manifest” calibrates at 505. So manifesting is easier after level 500.

Living life from the level of Love, or Above, manifests your life, your way. If your Energetic Frequency is below 500, and unfortunately most people are, it’s the next level you have to achieve to create your life the way you want it. 540 is the level of Joy, it’s the level where healing occurs.

When somebody comes to me and desires something healed in their life, I energetically vibrate it at this level, or above, and it transforms.

Working with Clients, I noticed that when we cleared their negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings about certain subjects and events in their life, their Personal Energetic Frequency could change.

You see these thoughts, beliefs, and ideas have a frequency that can be measured. What I also saw is that when their Numbers would move up the chart, all areas of their life improved. The energy upgrades I shared with them allowed them to recreate their life much easier than ever before!! But what was really important to me, in my work, was getting results.

The People who show up in my Practice are usually blocked on things showing up in their life.

I had one Client, Carolina, who came to me and could not get her love life to work. She was recently divorced and attracting not very great men. She was frustrated. She wanted to throw in the towel! She came to me for help with why she could not manifest a great guy into her life. We worked on upgrading her Energetic Frequencies, and a few months ago, she met a really great guy. This was after being blocked for over 2 years! She called me the other day to thank me and let me know how grateful and happy she was.

You see when her energetic frequency vibrated at the right level, the mate showed up. And it wasn’t just any man…it was a compatible man that she did not have to fix or change or settle for. If she had not changed her dense lower energies into something new, she would still be waiting for someone great to show up!! She said being with him is indescribable. Carolina said, “Christie, I really do finally understand how this all works. That I have to clear myself first so that I am vibrating at the exact Frequency necessary to make it all happen.”

You see, she became the Love or Above energy. She lived it. That’s why if you read a bunch of books, you won’t change – unless you live it and become what the author is talking about. Embodying and Being the Energy at the highest level possible is what creates your successful life.

So what causes these blocks and patterns that lower our vibration and keep us stuck?

We all have ‘Patterns of Influence.’ Each and everyone of us has these. They are implanted or formed before the age of 7, by our family, society, TV, and those closest to us. It’s not something they do on purpose or to try to hurt us, it just happens. We are at our most absorbing and moldable and we pick up things from our family. These patterns, belief structures, programming we grab just like we learn how to talk or eat. It’s just how it is. It’s generational… their parents did it to them, they did it to you and you will do it to your own kids to some degree – no matter how hard you might try not to.

You may not be aware that this happened to you, but when you find yourself acting like your mom, or getting divorced at same age your Dad did, or things just aren’t working out for you in your life how you want it to- then you are blocked. And those blocks started somewhere in your childhood as you grew and formed, then were added to as we continued our lives and grew.

If you have strong fears about something, there is block keeping you from reaching your full potential. If you continually end up with the same relationship issues, regardless of how ‘different’ the partner is or how great things start out – you have blocks and patterns that are keeping you trapped in that endless loop of repetition.
Say you keep getting passed over for promotions/ raises at work, or constantly have your contributions looked over and trivialized – your blocks are keeping your energy low and keeping you trapped in these lower frequencies. Maybe you can never seem to get your income above a certain level, or just as soon as you do something always comes up to take it all away – your money blocks are blocking your prosperity.
It’s like Sisyphus’ Challenge, every time he succeeds in rolling the stone up the hill, it rolls right back down. Talk about disheartening and depressing!

What I can do the help Free you from your “Sisyphus Challenge”

When I work with clients, I focus on results. I can actually see into their energy field and see where they are blocked. I then get the download of why and when it happened. I can explain how it started and at what age, and when you understand the origins and how it is impacting you in your life know, then that awareness helps liberate you from the pattern. I then go into your energy and clear out the beliefs, patterns and programming that are causing the block. Once the blocks are cleared, it raises your Vibrational Frequency and we will input a new Abundant program – one that matches your ideal life vision and goals. At this point, you’re free to choose to move forward in your life unencumbered by the previous blocks. Then I can give you Affirmative Action Steps, tools and guidance to help you keep releasing other old programming. Sometimes your Guides will have things they want you to know, to help you and I can pass that on to you as well.
I can help your figure out the answers to difficult questions and let you know which option will provide you with the happiest outcome based on your values and goals.

You might be wondering ‘Does the really work?’

Don’t take it from me, listen for yourself to what Leslie & Megan to say:

After using the Love or Above Tool Kit and One Session with Christie, she released the Post Partum Depression within a few weeks, got a new house, new career and a new Career Mentor. She now experiences positive energy towards her love life.

After a session with Christie, Megan was able to clear some patterns that she had picked up from her parents as a child that had been activated when she had her own children. She was able to clear a lot of anger, and her Father, whom she hadn’t seen in nearly 14 years finally came to meet his own Grandkids for the first time.

I’ve helped literally Tens of Thousands of people in clearing their blocks and programs so that they could more easily create the life they really want. And now, I really want to help you! Now, please keep in mind that there is a big demand on my schedule, and due to this, I can only work with people who are serious about want this shift and change. I want to help as many people as possible, so in order to do that my focus in my practice is shifting to Group Clearing Sessions and my Comprehensive Coaching Programs, so that I can help the most people effect the most change.

While much can be cleared and accomplished in a Single Full Hour Session, real, profound, extensive, Life-altering changes take some work (those programs didn’t load yesterday!). I want to support people in literally changing their whole life – for good! So I have to faze out Single Full Hour Sessions, those will soon only be available on a very limited basis to people already enrolled in one of my Comprehensive Coaching Programs.

Benefits of working Privately with Christie

  • Increased Clarity and Intuition
  • Sustainable, long-term change
  • Love You More
  • Achieve your previous blocked Goals
  • Faster, Easier results than working by Yourself
  • Christie can find your patterns for you – she knows where to look
  • By understanding the whole pattern, you aren’t trapped by it anymore
  • Focused, individualized and Personal Attention to your needs and goals
  • Exposure to Christie’s High Frequency automatically raises your Vibration
  • Free your Vibration (energy is no longer tied up holding the blocks in place)
  • Increased Confidence (deeper understanding & greater insight into decision making)
  • Raise to Love or Above energy faster – where manifesting and abundance naturally occur
  • Improved relationships (blocks no longer act as a landmines or triggers in your relationships)
  • Greater understanding of your life’s purpose and how to bring your life more into alignment with it

Michelle and her husband had been experiencing challenges in their relationship for some time. After Michelle had just one session with Christie, she experienced greater clarity and an improved relationship with her spouse.

For more Testimonies from some of Christie’s very happy clients, click here.

Invest In Your Life with Personal Sessions

Christie’s sister Cindy, is also an amazingly gifted intuitive (who do you think Christie gos to when she needs support!?). Read more about Cindy and her approach to the work >> HERE. Sessions with Cindy are 50 minutes each

Sessions with Cindy

Single Session

Series of 3 Sessions

Gold Coaching
(5 Sessions with Cindy +
2 Group Clearing Events with Christie)

Platinum Coaching
(10 Sessions with Cindy +
3 Group Clearing Events with Christie)

$1999 Full Pay
or 2 Payments of $1100 each

$3744 Full Pay
or 3 Payments of $1400

Be sure to contact my office for current Pricing
Special Offers and Bonuses!

Christie Private Coaching Package

Private Coaching with Christie focuses on supporting highly motivated clients who are dedicated to clearing their blocks and creating profound change in their lives. Her schedule regularly books up months in advance. Sessions with Christie are 50 Minutes long each..

Gold Private Coaching Package

This Coaching Package is ideal for people already involved with one of my Group Coaching Programs and are wanting to integrate clearing on additional areas of their life, or those who just need a little tweak to create the shift they want.

5 Private Sessions + 2 Group Clearing Events

Special Member Only Bonuses
(Total Value $4500+)

$3600 Full Pay or
2 Payments of $2000 each

May add up to 2 Additional Bonus Sessions for $700 each to Gold Coaching Package

Special Gold Member Only Bonuses:

  • Wealth Consciousness Digital Program or Love or Above Digital Tool Kit ($149+ value!)
  • Gold Priority email responses to questions
  • Can add up to 2 Additional Sessions for $700 each

Platinum Private Coaching Package

This Coaching Package is designed for people who are interested in a comprehensive shift in their energy and their life, with the opportunity to focus on many areas and emphasis on serious issues and blocks. The 3 Month Platinum Coaching Package is for people who are ready for serious, profound and sometime drastic shift on an accelerated time line.

10 Private Sessions + 3 Group Clearing Events
Special Member Only Bonuses
(Total Value $9000+)

$7000 Full Pay or
3 Payments of $2500 each

Special Platinum Member Only Bonuses:

  • Love or Above Digital Tool Kit ($99 value)
  • Wealth Consciousness Digital Program ($149 value!)
  • Comprehensive Energy Evaluation for you to track your clearing shifts (Optional)
  • Platinum Priority Response to Emails
  • May add up to 3 Additional Bonus Sessions for $700 each

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