Listen to what happened to Christianna after she bought the Love or Above Program!

Hi Christie,

Thank you so much for the way you have helped me enjoy a quality of life that seemed impossible at first, when I found myself being a single Mom with a physical health crisis !

Prior to meeting you, I had been a successful CEO of a company interms of leading it to become one of the recognized “Inc 500 Fastest Growing Private Co” and a “Best Place to Work Co”, but I was unhappy on the inside and challenged by some physical health issues, so I sold the company.

Shortly thereafter I was blessed by the surprise of the news of my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter. This time I was really happy that I was given the miracle of a healthy baby girl to raise, but was also faced with the challenges of being a single Mom and having another set of physical health threats… and this time I knew I had to find a better way to live my life since now whatever choices I made would also affect my daughter Beatriz.

My journey of a search for a better quality of life for me and my baby, thankfully led a friend of mine to share your contact information with me… you are amazingly intuitive, very gifted at guiding people to become aware of and benefit from life’s flow in matters that otherwise might take years to discover, and you definitely have helped me go to the next level in “love and above” 😉

Thanks again,
Birgit D. Kamps ( & Beatriz 😉

“Christie Sheldon is both an exceptionally gifted intuitive consultant and a deeply compassionate and loving spiritual teacher. Based on my personal experience of a number of individual consultations with Christie, I can say without reservation that her services would be of enormous value to anyone who is truly committed to enhancing the quality of their life, as well as the lives of every member of their family. Over more than a decade I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with a number of individuals with clairvoyant and healing skills; none has impressed me more than Christie. As such, I strongly recommend her services.”

Jeff Maziarek, author of “Spirituality Simplified” and “Codi’s Journey

“My work with special needs children can be
challenging. Thanks to Christie’s teachings, even the
challenging times are filled with love and joy for me
and for the families and children I work with.
Working from “Love and above” is the key to
opening new and joyous possibilities.”

– Dawn Coons, Founder of Expanding Hearts Childcare, QED Practitioner

“Christie’s insights, wisdom and gifts have been a
constant life expanding process. It’s brought
forth new possibilities, freedom and better
physical, mental and emotional well-being for
myself, my children and the many clients I have

– Dr. Doug Lehrer, Author & Founder of “Beauty & Beyond” and “Total Body Wellness” Seminars “Secrets of Self-Healing” books & Dr Doug’s Total Body ‘Raw’ Food Supplements

“It’s amazing what has happened for me after my short reading by Christie

It’s amazing what has happened for me after my short reading by Christie in December in your show. (KOST 103.5’s Los Angeles) I was the guy that lost his Mother almost exactly 9 years to the day that you contacted me. I was the guy with Cerebral Palsy.

Christie told me that my Mom said that money would be coming to me in February. I did not have a clue where this money would come from. Meanwhile, I had an extremely strong push within myself to find and to visit my Mother’s side, cemetery plot where no one went for over 40 years, My great, great grandparents were there with eight more relatives. I am the keeper of the family photos and the history. So, I felt that I had to find and visit this plot. My Grandmother 96 years old always mentions this family plot. Christie even said she was psychic.

One day I went down to Boyal Heights where I was always told never to go. So, I went down one morning by myself and found this cemetery that was amazing and old. I looked around for 3 hours and did not find my family plot with 10 members. My Grandmother was positive that there was an older, smaller cemetery by the freeway, but they had no mausoleum.

Did not know where I was going, but I found it. I walked in and went straight to it. There it was, my great grandparents little house. I did not know why I was picked to do this and just looking at this out of the way Jewish cemetery. I do not know how I found it with NO REAL PROBLEM. I am going to finish what I started. My great, great, Grandfather died in 1912. That is how old it is.

Why I am saying this is because Christie said that my Grandmother and I are very psychic. She also said in February, I would get money which I have not had for a very long time. On February 1, I got a job as a photographer and was paid $1000. But, what is more amazing is that it will be a regular thing and I will be earning 20 times over within a month what i have ever earned before! I get to travel the world and I have never left California before.

I just need and want to thank Christie for making me open my eyes and heart to really believe in this. This is so amazing that I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW IT FEELS. She also mentioned that I have many Angels around me.

Sorry about the long letter, but I had to tell you thanks! This experience made me strong, more confident, and less lonely. THANK YOU!”

– Mark from Van Nuys

“It literally saved my life

I just want to thank you for allowing me to participate in your show. It literally saved my life. For many months, I had been experiencing various physical symptoms. But, when I discussed them with my Doctors (2 Drs. and a physician’s assistant), they all stated that it was nothing but normal symptoms of menopause.

In your pre-reading call to me, you asked who I wanted to get in touch with. I responded “my cousins”. I would not have said my grandparents since, quite frankly, our relationship when they were alive was never great. Yet, when your gifted psychic gave me a reading over the air, she stated that three of my grandparents were communicating with her. They told Christie, that I had a thyroid problem and that I needed to see an endocrinologist right away. Christie said, “They’re telling me, ‘you don’t have to live like this.” This was amazing to since I had said to myself a number of times when experiencing these awful symptoms, “I can’t live like this.”

I made an appointment with my doctor and when I saw him, I told him I had a thyroid problem, not allowing him to pass this off as something else. Sure enough, he said, “You know, I think you are right. I was just thinking the same thing.”

To make a long story short, I saw an endocrinologist, had a thyroid scan and learned that I have Graves Disease (and other thyroid problems), an illness of the thyroid which left untreated, devastates one’s health completely by destroying the immune system.

Again, thank you for a wonderful show and allowing me to participate. I would never have been diagnosed and treated if it were not for that reading.”

– Helen from Encino, CA

“Hi Christie, I just wanted to pass on a message sent to me after you help my
friend Margaret through me. If you recall you/angels made some
suggestions and here’s what she had to say:

Wow! She is RIGHT ON!!! Thank you for asking for me also!!! Yeah,…I
actually have been wanting to travel again but my financial situation is
keeping me from doing stuff and taking classes is something I always have
been wanting to do…and besides that…the last trip I took was to Australia,
I’ve been thinking a lot about that trip lately (for one, someone I met there
found me on Facebook so she and I have been talking on Facebook) and I
while there I learned how to scuba dive and guess what else I did????
SKYDIVE!!! I totally get what she’s saying…TOTALLY!!! I really do need to
make bold moves and actions those are the only type of things that seem to
give me that living life feeling and it brings light into my soul!

Thank you!!! And you know… what a beautiful way for the Universe to bring
someone who was feeling stagnate and someone who needs to think outside
of the box together…cause definitely you make me think outside the box and
hopefully you don’t feel as stagnate. I love the Universe! and I love you!!!!”

Thank you very much!
– Michelle, NY

“Thanks once again Christie for the healing, the very clear vision and work
toward the highest potential! Always so grateful that I can call and connect
with you and your work in this way.”

– Cynthia B, California

“Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. Your ability to see so deep into the mini crisis I have been in is just plain amazing. Being able to sit back and watch the events unfold just the way you have described is almost unbelievable. What I do know is that you are SO believable that I am blessed to be able to talk with you. A most enlightening call.”

Boston, MA

“Yeah, we had talked about the ring being somewhere in the house, but we
couldn’t pinpoint the location. I had been afraid I had inadvertently thrown
my late grandmother’s ring in the garbage with an old make-up bag. You
told me I hadn’t, that it was somewhere in our house, and then we prayed
that it would just “show up” without me having to look for it. Sure enough, a
couple months later, my husband, unbeknownst to me, cleaned out the
bathroom vanity (yes I have a great husband) and had given a box of costume jewelry he found there to our 5 year old daughter.
As I marveled over the clean bathroom, Ana came up behind me and said,
“Mommy, what’s this ring from?” I looked and sure enough, right before my
eyes, my grandmother’s engagement ring. The joy, the lightness, the
anxiety released, are unbelievable.”

Thanks Christie!!
~ Shauna Calgary, Canada

“Thanks so much. The energy work and clearing you have been doing has
been incredible. The results I am seeing are just the way you said things
would happen. As we continue to clear some of the deep issues I couldn’t be
happier. Many blessings Christie for your amazing gift.”

– Tina, Florida

“Christie Marie is a very talented, gifted, professional counselor. She has an
easy laugh when things are light and a compassionate voice when support is
needed. I have spoken with her multiple times and her guidance has always
been clear and accurate. Thanks, Christie!”

– Greg, Florida

“The clearing and insight into my situation is phenomenal
Most incredible work I have ever had. The clearing and insight into my
situation is phenomenal. Ou have always been so very accurate and able to
help me know how to handle the situations I encounter. Thanks a million.
You truly are the best on.”

– Helen, Atlanta

“Your energy is healing and I think I will sleep well tonight…
As always, you are a complete joy. Your energy is healing and I think I will
sleep well tonight. I cannot thank you enough for your help and the light you
send my way. I will update you in a couple of weeks. I am so glad my angels
led me to you. Thanks for helping me have the courage to tell him I love
him. It was important to him and important for the relationship to move
forward. May you have a good night.”

Love and light
~ Kay, Illinois

“I took some of the last money I had and called Christie Marie for a
cleansing, and I thank God I did. I have such a feeling of release, wisdom &
clarity from such a short moment in time. She was quick, caring, honest and
compassionate, clearing out every detail of my blockage. Thank you so very
much for your help…blessings.”

– June, Ohio

“I discovered Christie, for myself, 8 years ago. I knew she was special and
different at that instant. It was a kind of just knowing when you’re in the
presence of someone special. She has the gift and I believe in her and her
gift. Thanks Christie, I am beginning to feel better already!”

– Leah, Indiana

“I am seeing so much progress and have been giving “blessings”…
I am seeing so much progress and have been giving “blessings” which has
made my acceptance of things as easy as you said they would be. My
vibration is higher too. You are amazing and I thank you for your availability.

– Sue, Nevada

“THIS WOMAN JUST GAVE ME A TELEVISION-WORTHY READING! Watch out Sylvia! She just gave me the ONLY angel/ crossover/ medium reading I have ever received. She will lead you (through your guides) to very specific healing insights that will make you laugh, cry, or just simply sit in awe! I am not exaggerating in the least, and I only wish there were higher praises to give her!! So I will give her my prayers for continued abundance and blessings, and my extreme gratitude! Bless her for being her! Can’t wait to see her again! Christie thank you so much for everything!”

Mary M.

“WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Thanks so much for the update…she knew things off the bat, and I didn’t say a word. She knows EXACTLY what’s going on, and she is a sweetheart on top of it. Can’t wait to talk to you again!”


“Wow Christie, that was beyond amazing!! Thank you so much. I love that you knew who I was calling about and why before I even said anything. You made me a true believer, and I wish I could’ve spoken to you all night! Your reading was so helpful, compassionate, and enlightening. I will most definitely be calling you again.”

Tricia A.

“There you are! Welcome back, Christine Marie. Will not be able to call you until sometime next week. Guess what? you did a reading for my brother Pat about a month ago on the radio. I didn’t realize it was you until I heard your distinctive laugh and then it phased me. You are the one I heard from day one. I had NO IDEA this was you.The weirder thing, the name of the song you picked & played after his reading was “Back on my Feet Again” by Michael Bolton. This is WEIRD cause my dad played that song OVER & OVER when he had to recover from a ruptured brain aneurysm and stroke 5/01. We were all in total shock! You kept saying “30”, Pat didn’t get what that meant, I did. My dad passed on 3-30-03.

Happy Easter!

Big Smiles to you.”

Linda Marie :-

“Wow! That was sort of a life changing phone call! I feel much more at peace now. I look forward to speaking with her (and her angels, and mine, and my team) again. 🙂


“The morning after you worked on my 7 year old son, he bounced in my room and when I asked him how he was he told me he felt great because he dreamed that “the Goddess came and filled him up with light” 😀 Thank you for the work on Chris too! He finally came over because of your help!! So much peace and love to you. You’ve changed my life :)”


“Just want to let you know that in the space of 4 days, since our last call I have received a total of $2,538.00 in unexpected income. I fully believe in my heart the work you did in our last call on increasing my sense of power as a woman created a new clearing for new abundance to flow in. I am grateful for these funds coming in but also now know that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Your help in making me aware of the person(s)that are steeling my life force energy as well as releasing and blessing those people and then drawing up the power already inside of me is fantastic. The awareness that I truly have the power to manifest anything is amazing! Thank you!”

Allison E.
Austin, Tx.

“She is very talented. I enjoyed talking to her. Her reading was accurate as far as the characters and she helped me with a problem I was having with school. She is truly amazing. I know when you hear this it is hard to believe but my body actually feels better after talking to her. My chest was feeling heavy before I talked to her. It is not now. I will be using her again. Thank you for your help today Christie.”

Karen D.

“Thank you so very much. The work is amazing and what we did the other night was manifested today exactly the way you thought it would if the other person was open to the energy and obviously they were. You are the only one I know that has this ability. We have spoken many times over the last year and you have been able to help me in so many ways that I could never thank you enough for what you have brought to my life. Namaste.”

Marcia M.
Palm Beach, Fl.

“In a way, its hard to believe everything you’ve told me since May 17th has come to pass. You are unbelievable. What a great gift. You are a treasure.”

Laurence L.
S. Carolina

“Have gotten so much healing through Christie Marie for me and my family these last few months, I can’t even begin to say here. She is a miracle and a blessing. TY.”

John D.

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