Group Clearing Events

Each month Christie offers new Live, topic-specific group clearings on a different area of life. The recordings of these group clearing events are equally as effective as joining the live broadcast due to the collecting group consciousness and how Christie works. By working from the levels of infinite being, at the high vibration frequency of Love or Above, Christie includes everyone who will eventually listen to the clearing in the energy of the clearing work.

At just $97 each, these group clearings offer an excellent investment to benefit ratio and are the most economical way to get Christie’s help with clearing blocks.​ ​Group Clearing Event Downloads average 90 minutes. Digital Downloads are delivered immediately on purchase. If you only have an iphone or ipad and do not have a computer to download the mp3 audio files, you can listen only via data or wireless streaming or download/ share the mp3 files to Dropbox and ‘make available offline’ to listen when not connected to cell service or internet. (Dropbox is a free app available in the app store)

Your download information is delivered by email automatically after purchase via the Event PDF. Please download the Event PDF prior to it’s expiration 21 days from purchase for ongoing access to the audio mp3 and slides pdf for the event.

Apple mobile devices only: Event PDF and slides pdf save to and are viewable in iBooks. Due to Apple design, iPhones and iPads only offer listening through wifi or data streaming if you do not have a computer to download the mp3 files to prior to transferring to your device via itunes sync.

For upcoming Live Group Clearing Events, see

Group Clearing Events By Category

Clearing All the Things that Tax You
Clearing Past Pacts
Get a Fresh Start with Abundance!
Love Your Money!
Money & the Power It Holds
The check’s in the mail! Supercharge your finances.

Action & Direction
Attracting Alliances that Help
Clear the Baggage the Made You Feel Foolish
Clear Your Real Agendas
Confronting Directionlessness: Creating an Adventure in Life!
Creating Explosive Growth: Exploding Past Problems

Free to Live & Love Your Life, Your Way
Get Your Universe to Support You
How to Create an Amazing Reality!
Keeping It Real! (Real You)
Moving into Boundless Possibility!
Powering Past Procrastination
Create-A-Reality: Harness Your Power Into It
Stop Making Excuses: Just Do It!
Sway the Universe to Make Life!

Health & Wellbeing
Body Talks
Clearing Body Aches & Pains
Clearing Food & Emotion Patterns

Clearing Messages from Your Body
Food Obsessed: Clear Your Food Addictions
Giving Thanks for All Your Life
Gorgeous! Create the energy of beauty in your body, mind, & soul!
Gratitude is the New Attitude
Happiness is an Energetic State
Old is Just a Point of View
Stress-Less: Move stressful energy into peaceful solutions!
Thanks Giving for all of Your Life
Waiting to Lose the Weight

Intuition & Life Purpose
Be a Know it, All After All
Clearing Intuition Blocks
Create an Amazing Relationship with Your Life
Creating Life’s Purpose
Dream Big!
Intuition Activation
New Year’s Resolution (2012)
New Year’s Revolution (2013)
New Year, New You (2014)
Soul Searching….What is the purpose of my life
Unleash Your Intuition

Love & Relationships
Activate Your Heart Space
Clearing Blocks to Sexual Freedom
Clearing Sibling Drama
Clearing Vows & Commitments
Creating Partnerships that Fit
Creating Radical Relationships
Deleting Dad Issues
Making Love Your Vibration
Mending Mom Issues
Mother & Father Love: Were You Filled with What You Needed?
Moving Your Love Life in the Right Direction
Perfect Love Life
Sexual Revolution: Revolve Your Needs!
Stole Mates: Release Old Lovers the Stole Your Heart

Unfriending Drama

Miscellaneous Clearings

Clearing Energy Vampires
Clearing Entities & Negative Attachments
Comedy Sketches: Can You Draw Laughter In The World?
Creating New Energy in the Holly-Daze
Creating Space: Eliminate Your Clutter
Freedom! Excitement! Exhilaration! Make these emotions work for you.
Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
Mind Blowing: Move From Fantasy To Future Reality
Saint You: Are You Good Enough?
Scaredy Cat: Purring Past Fear, Worry And Anxiety
Work Tweak: Tweak Your Job to Work for You

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