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3. Some questions apply use of the program and applying the techniques can be answered by email at christiemariesheldon@gmail.com But you miss out on the collective support of others learning this work and the camaraderie of shared struggles, wins & support. Christie loves reading peoples’ Inspiring Stories, but to be entered to win a free mini session, they must be posted to her Facebook page.

I want to change my email address that you contact me about for Live Sessions: Email christiemariesheldon@gmail.com right away with your old & you new information.

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What do I need to do before a Live Group Clearing Event or Group Coaching Program Broadcast? –
    a. Update Your Operating System
       PC: Windows 7, Vista OR (not recommended) XP, 2003
       MAC: OSX 10.6 or newer, click: Apple Icon on Top Nav Bar, ‘About this Mac’, Update
       Mobile Device: iPad, iPhone, Android phone or Tablet – Must Use GoToMeeting App
    b. Update Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera)
    c. Update Java
    d. Update Adobe Flash & Adobe Reader
    e. Update mp3 Player (iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player)
    f.  Clean Up Your Hard Drive
         1. Back Up Hard Drive if not done recently (especially PC’s)
         2. Clear off your Desktop (move unneeded files into folders)
         3. Macbook: ensure you have plenty of free memory, delete unneeded files
         4. PC: Run Disc Clean Up, Run Defrag (Google Search ‘Run Defrag name of your
         operating system’), ensure there’s plenty of free memory by deleting unneeded files

– If you do not have Windows 7, Vista OR (not recommended) XP, 2003 for PC or   OSX 10.6 or newer for Macbook, your system will not support the Live Stream Webinar Platform and you will need to participate through the downloads each month. Many computers run slow because of too many duplicate or unnecessary files. Keep your Desktop clear to speed up program opening & running. Too little available memory slows things down, so purge unnecessary files – duplicates, unflattering / out of focus photos, etc. For optimal operation of a PC, do regular back ups, disc clean up and defrags. The older the system, the more important it is to keep things running well. If you haven’t done these recently (or ever), this may take hours or even crash your computer so do this asap and make sure that you back up your hard drive first. You may need to reinstall your Operating System and transfer your files back to your hard drive. If you are not computer savvy, now is the perfect time to start on this by enlisting the help of a friend, neighbor or relative who knows their way around a computer (or hire a pro if needed) to make sure you get this done right. You are learning to be an excellent receiver, so this is a great place to start!

For Live Broadcast, you must use the GoToMeeting App. Some service providers limit how much bandwidth you can use at one time or on your monthly plan even with so called ‘unlimited data plans’, especially during peak usage times. This beyond our control and we are unable to guarnatee mobile access to the live broadcast, only that it is an available option.

Some Apple Devices have factory settings that limit streaming. Contact Apple Care Support to change device settings if needed. Start at least 30 minutes early the first time you join Live with a Mobile Device, so you can fix your settings if needed, OR have a computer ready for back up. You can only Log In on 1 device (mobile or computer) at a time BUT you can also call in on the phone to listen to the audio (log distance rates apply) while you deal with tech issues. You will always get the Download links of each session.

What do I need to do during a Live GCE or Group Coaching Session Broadcast?
    1. Close ALL Programs & Windows except the 2 GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar window
    2. Have pen & paper ready for any notes
    3. Have fun!

– While most people find it best to be in a quiet, private & comfortable space to listen, some people find they have to commute during the sessions or have other people around. For some people this works okay, while others might find it’s better for them to stay late at work or make sure they arrange their schedule so they can be alone for the sessions as sometimes deep emotions may surface for clearings. Remember, you will always get the Downloads of the session so you will still be able to do the work later.

– Each session will begin with Christie connecting the group to the Light. This is a very important part of the process and you can begin to practice learning to do this with her Heart Center Opening Meditation from her Love or Above Tool Kit (here, too). During the clearings you may feel sleepy, happy, tired, energized, anxious or any other number of various emotions or stated of being. Or you may feel or sense nothing at all. They are all normal. Each session may be different for you or they may all be the same. Every person is different and it’s all part of each persons process. So if you start to laugh or cry or hiccup or yawn or cough, it all just how your individual bodies way of processing the flow of energy. There is nothing wrong about it, it’s just they way it works for you body. Breath into the process, remember it is transitory and allow the energy to clear and release. Christie will help you fill up on the high love or above vibration energy at the end of each session. You can always use the Heart Mediation (above) to help you with that as well if you feel like you need more of that.

– Christie will guide you through this at the star of each Session. Light is just another way to say the highest levels of Loving and Joy. We are already connected to it on the highest levels of our being, ‘Connecting to the Light’ just means we bring our minds conscious awareness to it. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to do it, but there are a few things that usually help most people:

Close your eyes and roll your eyes up 30 degrees. Your knowing always knows where light is. Imagination and intuition occur in the same place…so just imagine and it happens. You may notice a difference in your body when you do it. You’ll feel the light in your body eventually with practice. Christie imagines it filling every cell of her body as. Filling with light is half the battle and the other is trusting that your knowing it is working.

If you have a loved one who fills you with Joy when you think about them, this can also be a gateway for you to access the emotional level of the Light, since Light itself is pure Loving. Some people find their pet or very young children the easiest choices to think of when connecting to the light as these relationships have far less baggage than spouses or other family, and these little beings are naturally connected to the Light (infants are newly manifested into the physical world and are most connected).

– It’s a bit different for each person, but here is an example of how the clearin process might wor for you. The clearings work on all levels: astral, energetic, emotional mental and physical. First, you hear Christie doing the clearing from a high vibration frequency and you being (higher self, body, energy fields, etc) recognizes the high vibration frequency and wants to resonate with that. So your mind and mental energy agrees to the words of the clearing and starts to release the mental blocks keeping you stuck, your emotional and energetic bodies respond to the frequency and release the emotions or energy blocks on those levels. Then you listen to clearing recordings a few times and deepen in this process. Then you start to say the clearings along with the audios and in yoru daily life to take the clearing to even deeper levels. When your being recognizes the energy it wishes to be, it begins the process of clearing anything in the way of vibrating at that level. Your participation in the clearing practices expedites that process.
Christie works from a high vibration frequency, from the levels of infinte being, where time & space (constructs of the ego/ mind) are irrelevant. She chooses words and vibration frequency that will cause a resonance within listeners to release the low vibrations that are in the way of them not vibrating at the high frequencies of Love or Above.

Everything is energy and vibrates at it’s own vibrational frequency. You can learn more about frequency and how it impacts (including the sciency stuff) in Christie’s Love or Above Spiritual Tool Kit. For now let’s stick with the basics. Using a combination of energy (vibration work), resonance and techniques that impact the mental levels of humans and consciousness, the clearings reprogram your energy, thoughts, emotional choices, mental choices, awareness and consciousness to remove the hindering patterns and programs and replace them with more effective choices that will support you in getting the results you desire. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Christie’s clearing work interrupts those repetitive patterns and guides you in replacing them with higher vibration, higher consciousness, more aware and purposeful choices and habits that support you in more effective habits to create the mroe desireable results you are seeking.

– After the clearings you may feel sleepy, happy, tired, energized, anxious or any other number of various emotions or stated of being. They are all normal. Your experience after each session may be different for you or they may all be the same. Every person is different and it’s all part of each persons process. So if you feel happy or sad, angry, energized or tired, it all just how your individual bodies way of processing the flow of energy. There is nothing wrong about it, it’s just they way it works for you body. Breath into the process, remember it is transitory and allow the energy to clear and release.

– You may notice different things in your body during or after the sessions. You may feel warm or cold, tingles, shivers, itching or even pain during or after the sessions. This is just your body processing the energy that is flowing and bringing your awareness to a block and how it is manifesting phsyically for you. Breath into the process, remember it is transitory and allow the energy to clear and release. Visualize light going into the area of attention. Keep in mind that sensation (pain, heat, cold, etc) is just a communication from your body regarding emotions, thoughts or energy that are held and stuck in your body. Use the clearing statements to help with clearing the stuck energy.

– It isn’t uncommon for people to sometimes feel nauseated, sick, dizzy, hot, cold, shaky, tired, or unwell during listening to certain Group Clearing audio. Some of them are more likely to have this effect on some listeners, like the Session 1 audio for Christie’s Perfect Love Group Coaching Program Downloads Package.

Some people are more sensitive to energy than others, and some people have a subconscious pattern of taking on energy from other people that they have been doing much of their while lives. While women are the most common people to have this pattern, anyone who is a natural light worker, caretaker, nurturer or healer is likely to struggle with this pattern at some point in their life.

For some people is has to do with value/ self worth issues (ie “to be of value/ survive I have to be of use by taking on other garbage”) for others it is a twist in the expression of their innate caring nature. Massage Therapists and Energy Works, along with caretakers in the nursing and health fields all have to make sure that they learn who to be of service to others without taking on the other persons stuff and ending up depleted themselves.

Be sure that you focus on 2 important things as you listen to clearing audios:
1. What is yours is yours, what is not is not. This helps to own your stuff without taking on just from others – it’s not your job to take on their crap. You can literally repeat that over and over to yourself, “What’s mine is mine, what’s not is not”.
2. Expand your awareness to the outer edges of your infinite being and beyond. This allows your energy and awareness to expand to dissipate the dense energies. *one important hint: an infinite being has no outer edge, so the energy continues on forever

Sometimes when you feel sick while listening, you are picking up stuff from the group and sometimes it is the junk you’ve taken on from others in your life previously that is getting stirred up that you need to allow yourself to release and let go of. With practice, you can being to know the difference by asking yourself, “Is this mine, or is this someone else’s?”. If it isn’t yours then it’s, simple, just let it go. If it is yours, then include what ever is being triggered in what you are clearing in that moment.

Christie also offers a few >> Group Clearing Event Downloads that can help people with clearing these negative life patterns:

Gifting Yourself Clear of Energy Vampires
Clearing Body Aches & Pains
Achey Breaky Body: Messages from Your Body

– Mostly people are living in fear and therefore live in contraction, instead of expansion, of their energy. In order to solve any energy problem (blocks), you have to make your energy larger than the problematic energy. Expanding your energy field expands your field of awareness, what and how much you are willing to be aware of in reality. It also makes your energy field less dense, so it helps with keeping your vibration higher and releasing negative energy patterns. By making your energy field less dense, you are choosing to exist in a space of being more open to receiving, which is important for manifesting.

There is a direct and immediate link between our awareness and our energy field, by expanding our awareness, we expand our energy field. Try this little experiment:
Sit down…think of something you fear. How far out does your energy go?
Next, think of something you love, how far out does your energy and awareness go?
Christie lives in the energy of always being connected to source and expanding to the place that fits her needs at that moment. On a conference call it is larger than the world, but for her normal daily activities it’s about 60-100 feet around. For daily living, find the expansion place that feels most comfortable (make it at least as far out as the love energy).

– Some people are very sensitive, but you can clear and shift how your body reacts to clearing and consciousness work.

Nutritional shifts
NO – red meat, dairy, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, white flour, white sugar, artificial colors/ flavors/ preservatives
MORE – B Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, fresh fruits and fresh squeezed juices, lean protein and fresh vegetables
Mineral water (flat or fizzy) – not filtered tap water (Dasani, Aquafina etc) or distilled water

More time outside in nature
Showering after you listen to Christie’s clearing audios
Soaking in hot mineral salt bath at least 1x/ week

Your body may need more sleep than usual for processing and integration. Sleep is when our bodies heal, integrate and reboot.

Clearing statements for easing body processing
Everywhere that my body has blocks or fears about integrating the shifts with grace and ease…

Everywhere that my body has trouble with clearing, releasing, healing and transmuting and everything that is…

Everything in the way of my body processing and integrating the clearing work and energy shifts with grace, ease and optimal health and comfort…

           …Delete, DeStory, Uncreate & Transmute Across all Time, Space, Dimensions & Reality.

Use the tools in your LoA Kit (Energy Detox, Cord Cutting Tool, Blessing Ball of Light). For some people, Christie’s Clearing Energy Vampires and Clearing Negative Entities & Attachments Group Clearing Event Downloads are an amazing support to allow them to more effectively function in connection with their sensitivities.

– It isn’t uncommon for people to fall asleep while listening to Christie’s work in Group Coaching Programs of Clearing Events – even sometimes in Private Sessions. Sometimes our conscious mind needs to get our of the way for us to really take in the clearing and falling asleep allows our subconscious mind to take over. If miss part of the Live broadcast, no worries – you get the downloads later that week.

If you find on a specific audio that there are any parts you missed or are unclear on (spaced out, fell asleep, etc), then you can relisten to just that part before you move on. If you still ‘miss’ it, don’t worry – your subconscious mind picks up on things even if you are asleep, so you are still getting some of it. You can go back to that part again later when your conscious mind is ready to hear what Christie is saying, or ready to be fully present with the process she is taking you through. If it keeps happening in the same place, set the audio aside for a day or two. Mark down the time when you fal asleep, then once you are connected, forward to that part of the audio and continue from there so you know that you get the info on the mental level at least once. You don’t have to start a session over, but backing the audio up a bit can help to get back in to the energy faster.

– Sometimes when you are going through the clearing process, you might come up against confusion. If might be that when you ask a question you feel confused, come up blank, or not understand the question. Our fears and limiting beliefs are housed in the mental energy field, which is associated with your brain. The brains natural inclination is to label, categorize and organize in an effort to support the illusion of control. The known suffering or challenge seems safer to the ego/ mind than the unknown potential so fear can come up around any change, even the changes and shifts that lead us to more happiness.

Most people have experienced a time in childhood where an authority figure negated their truth, told them in some way that it wasn’t okay or safe to be in awareness of the truth or had an experience where come to the conclusion that it isn’t safe to know the truth. So this can be a contributing block that creates confusion when doing clearing around some things and is a limiting belief, program or block that may also need to be cleared to get to the underlying block that is stopping you from moving forward.

– Yes, she can see you, along with the hundreds of other people who are all typing in their comments. She is unable to acknowledge everyone individually as it would take the whole session time so she can only address the questions and comments that offer the greatest benefit for the larger group. But don’t worry, other particpants can’t see what you type in the webinar chat to Christie, it is private to her. If you have a truly 1-of-a-kind unique name and don’t want Christie to mention your name when discussing your comment then enter a nick name or initials when you register for the Session.

– There are hundreds of participants on each session so she has to use your time together to select the comments and questions that offer the greatest benefit to the larger group. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate your contributions, greetings and thanks, just that she makes the most of the time for everyone on the calls. If you need personal attention for questions on applying the techniques, you can post on the Facebook Forum or email the office. If you need personal help with clearings specific blocks, our scheduling assistant can help you with information on booking Private Sessions with Christie and Cindy, just email or call the office 818-900-5882.

 – If you want real, profound and lasting shift in your life, you have to live it. You’ve spent hundreds of thousands of hours over decades reinforcing the negative and ineffective habits, thoughts, beliefs and patterns that have been blocking and limiting you. If you are not willing to invest in the daily and weekly play work of choosing differently, then how can you expect your inner self or your higher self to believe that you are choosing change? Passively listening to the clearings can have some benefot for many people, but the real and impressive results (the Inspiring Stories you hear Christie share) come from living the shifts you are seeking. As the saying goes, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. Your playwork is the easy way you integrate these new energies and new ways of being into your reality. Each time you choose the higher vibration thoughts, energy & actions you are growing the roots of you new, abundant reality.

– These are tools Christie uses to help you with clearing your blocks and opening yoru energy to higher vibration possibilities. Clearing Statments should be listened to the first few times, then said along with Christie for a few listens, then said daily many times (20-100 times). Some people have a list for each day, others pick a list do for a week at a time. The more charge or juice (emotional or energergetic reaction you have, or the more trouble you have in an area) then the more you will likely need to say the clearing statements a lot each day for many more days. Manifesting Questions open and expand your energy field to attract higher vibration energy to you (like more money or love or better relationships, etc). While it might seem nice to set specific intentions for wha tyou want and how it comes to you, remember to remain open to things showing up in ways that are surprising and unexpected so you don’t limit something awesome from coming to becuase you were only open to things happening in a certain way.

– Many people find they feel subtle shifts like increased happiness, more expansive energy and a general lightness or that they are more non-reacitve and neutral than they normally would. To manifest the profund shifts you are desiring, you will need to choose different than you have chose in the past and take massive action to make new habits and integrate conscious choices to add new ideas, concepts and view points in your life. Imaginge a spider web, the clearing is breaking up the center of it but you still have threads of web that spread to other areas – these are the deeper levels you have to lear next.

– See ‘How will I know my blocks are gone?’ You are now dealing with a different layer, aspect or angle of the block. You may have day the same program running in dirrerent areas of your life (love, money, friendships, professional success, etc). While sometimes you can clear the entire block in one fell swoop across all parts of life, a lot of times it’s like finding the roots of a weed – you may have pulled the weed, but didn’t get the part of the root that had already grown under the side walk and sprouted up over there. Something to keep in mind is that often times, the issue isn’t the issue…how we deal with the issue while we are dealing with the issue is the issue. To simplify, someone may clear a block related to abandonment – this doesn’t mean that no one they care about will ever part with them again, but it can mean that how they respond to the situation will shift…that it doesn’t have to trigger the old emotional wounds and reactions that wreaked havoc in their life previously. So sometimes thing similar to old situations and expereinces may come up again, but how we handle them has changed and this shifts our experience in what we create in our lives.

– Yes…an no. For some people, they listen to a clearing once and in a single second that block is totally cleared for good. The thing is, most people are not willing to choose such deep shifts so quickly due to fear so they instead choose to clear a little layer at a time. This is why repeated listenings to the recordings are suggested – to help reprogram the programs you run subconsciously and help you keep clearing the layers of blocks. Always keep open the possbility that your block can clear immediately, in an instant. But if it takes you some time, don’t criticize or judge yourself – it is normal and natural sometimes. The more you do your Home Play practice, the more effecitve the work can be for you. You are worth the effort, time and work so give that to yourself.

Clearing blocks to manifesting can take time, it is rare to achieve the goal and intention of a meditation, process or technique the first time and it can take weeks or months of daily practice for some people to get there. Like learning a new language, few people are able to pick it up easily while most others take lots of practice and work to get it. Each time you practice a meditation or technique, you are creating new neuropathways in your brain, remapping parts of your brain.  Blocks, patterns and programing build up over a life time, it can take time to work through all the layers. The more you do the work to clear blocks in your daily life, the more you can shift habits and choices. We manifest from the level that we vibrate at, so if we want something awesome, we have to consistently vibrate at a high level, otherwise we just keep attracting the yucky stuff we always have. The more you listen to Christie’s audios, the more they can help. Some people like to have them on in the background as they do other things (work, housekeeping, reading, during their commute, even while they sleep!). You can listen to a different one each day, the same one every day for a week, whatever works for you. The key is consistency…in practice, in listening, in use and in choices.

If someone wants $1 Million, but they want to manifest it through winning the lottery, they are limiting how it can show up (and disempowering themselves about their ability to manifest for themselves). There are lots of ways that money can show up in our lives (winning is just one of them), lots more people get inspiration for a great idea and when they act on it, end up creating a business or product that makes them loads more money that they initially hoped for.

Consider the difference between ‘I want this senior management position with my company’ vs ‘I want a senior management position that will pay me at least $XX and provide me with more time with my family, more professional success and overall happiness’. The specific job in the first one may not give all the things you want, you might only be able to get what you want from a different position or company. By limiting the specifics of what you’re asking for, you limit how it can show up.

Also, everyone has free will and choice, so not only do you have to consistently make high vibration choices, but if what you want involves other people, then they have to choose the same thing back (like a relationship). People can get focused on a specific thing and not only miss the large picture, but miss the higher opportunity. So if someone wants to manifest ‘a great loving romantic relationship with _____ particular person’, that may or may not happen – the other person has to choose them back and they both have to choose a happy, loving romantic partnership. A higher frequency intention would be ‘I want to manifest a great, happy, loving, romantic life partnership’, that leaves how it shows up open, and manifesting can happen more easily.

So expand your concept of what is possible and focus on the qualities you are wanting in your life (happiness, safety, security, love, fun, abundance, etc), rather than how it shows up for you.

The more you do your HomePlay, the more you use the tools and techniques in yoru daily life, the more effective the work can be for you. It took you years of practicing all the negative habits, so rememberr, each time you choose higher consciousness choices, the more you shift your inner reality…and the more your outer reality will shift to match that new, higher frequency inner reality you are creating!

– When ever we do work to raise our frequency, anything that is in the way of us already being at that higher level will come up for us to clear. For some people, this means that they get increased awareness and communication from their guides or higher self. If those messages aren’t getting through (new choices being made, patterns being changed, etc), then the message will be amplified and increased until it does get heard. So for some people, this can manifest as ‘life being turned upside down’ or ‘everything going wrong’. When there is a drastic increase in challenges coming up, it is our higher self saying “Here, see this, right here, you have limiting beliefs, judgments and blocks in this area.” These are the areas to focus on gaining greater understanding to help clear the blocks so your vibration can raise. Think of it as your universe offering you opportunities to learn some kind of lesson, it will continue to bring up chances to learn until you master it. Maybe there is something you need to release (anger, resentment, judgment, pain, limiting belief) or maybe there is a disharmony between your hearts true desires any your or maybe you are getting feedback that you have limited your concept of what is possible in your life.
While you are now still in the ‘hard’ part, each day that you use the energy clearing tools and techniques, Christie teaches you are strengthening your ‘muscles’. Just like you can’t go to the gym 3 times and be fit for life, you have to exercise these muscles every day to build them and have them strong. It takes time, but every time you choose to live from Love or Above, every time you choose different than the limiting patterns and programming of your past, you are making progress.

Sometimes when someone is doing clearing work (with lots of daily follow-through and practice), but they are experiencing more challenge, it can be because their ‘wires are crossed’ and somewhere in early childhood experiences occurred that were confusing and contradictory to their inner truth, resulting in ‘right’ being confused for ‘wrong’ or ‘negative’ being swapped for ‘positive’. When someone is told by an authority figure that their feelings or inner knowing is incorrect, usually the child will accept what they are told and replace their inner experience with the authority figures reality. This is often the case when Muscle Testing questions continually come back ‘wrong’, even after practicing daily for a month or two on things where you don’t have any emotional investment.

There are a number of things that can help when this happens

Daily Clearing Statements (many, many times a day)
“Everywhere that I mixed up “right” from “wrong”…delete, deStory and uncreate it all. Everywhere that I think I can’t know, that I’m afraid to know, that knowing is wrong…delete, deStory and uncreate it all. It is safe, right and good to access my inner knowing and know my truth.”

Ask your guides to help you, each night before you go to sleep,  “Please help me to untangle my lines and rewire my energy as I sleep tonight.”

There are energy Self-Care Practices that can be useful in rewiring the brain and energy systems, like Cook’s Hook-Up and Cross Crawl (this process is what helps babies brains develop and communicate). If you aren’t already familiar with them, you can find more info and instruction on the internet like youtube videos and such.

You are literally reprogramming your brain, every time you choose differently, you create and build new neural pathways, so be patient with yourself if this takes some time. You are changing a life time of patterning. Some things will come easy for you and some things will take more work, but in the end you and your happiness are worth the effort!

As often as you need to in order to create the shift you need. It really does vary from person to person and from audio to audio. Some people shared that they go back to audios months or years later and hear things ‘for the first time’ or have a deeper reaction and clearing thatn they ever did before. Each time you listen to an audio, you are a new and different person than you were the previous time. The more you expose yourself to the high vibration frequency, the higher consicousness thoughts, the increased awareness and the expanded beliefs, the more your consciousn and subconsciousn mind take in those as it’s true reality. Consider how many times you heard the negative thoughts and beleifs that created your limited mind set – you are erasing and replacing that negative self talk tape with your higher frequency, more positive and more potent new, expanded reality. Think of how much time and energy you invested in the negative, low vibration habits of the past – isn’t your heart felt desires worth the effort of investing at least as much time and energy in creating the high vibration, abundant reality you are seeking?

Our guides are trying to communicate with us all the time, the key is to figure out how you receive that communication once you give yourself permission to do so. Some people are more visual, some hear while others might feel differences in their own body. Sometimes the easiest way to start is with asking your guides to help you with getting an answer or solution to something right before bed at night. When we sleep, our conscious mind gets out of the way and our subconscious mind is able to take charge, so often they will communicate to us in our dreams. For a lot of people, asking guides for assistance and doing the energy opening work that Christie teaches (What would it take…) results in what would be considered ‘indirect’ guidance – the attraction of information, support and inspiration in less immediate or direct ways like over hearing a conversation that directs you to your next step or seeing/ hearing something like a song or billboard that triggers and inspiration.

It can take weeks or months of daily practice for some people to get there. It is much like learning a new language, some people are able to pick it up easily and then for others it takes lots of practice. Each time you practice a meditation or technique, you are creating new neuropathways in your brain, literally remapping parts of your brain to accommodate the new way of communicating. Some people are naturally more visual, others hear, feel sensations in their body, feel emotions, taste, get a knowing, receive information, etc. It is a process to discover what your individual communication style is, so keep with it.

It takes time to effectively master working with our intuition, so keep with it. As your trust in your inner guidance increases, your accuracy will as well. When asking a question, wording can be key, so make sure that you are asking the question well. Get specific about what you want to know the answer to. ‘Should I go out with ___?’ Could easily give you a generic, uninforming answer. ‘Will I be happy if I date ___?’ gives better feedback. It can really help to consider what you are actually wanting to know, based on your personal values and to ask several different types of questions about the same thing. From our Higher Self perspective, getting into a relationship that will ultimately fail can still be a ‘should’ since it gives ample opportunity for us to work through our own personal issues and karma. From our egos view, if we knew what we were in for before we went out with a person, we might just chose to never go on that first date!

So it takes practice, especially with the wording. Choosing between two potential job offers can mean asking about money, happiness, success, etc. Once you have all the answers to each aspect, you can figure out what you really want to do. Or you can just ask “If I choose this job, will I ultimately be the most satisfied and happy over all?”, whereas a question like “Is this job in the best interest of my Highest good?” has nothing to with happiness, success or satisfaction!

Start with things where there is no attachment or emotional charge, this way your own personal limiting beliefs, issues, blocks and programs don’t get in the way of receiving the accurate answer. For someone with food issues, asking if your body needs an apple or a cookie for a snack would be a loaded question, but if you don’t have blocks or patterns in that area it is a great place to start practicing.

If you get the opposite answer than what you are expecting, ask why. You may have to ask different things about the same question to find out, here are some examples:

Should I eat this apple for a snack? Should I eat this cookie for a snack? Well, an apple seems like it is more healthy than a cookie so you’d think the apple, right? But what if the cookie is all natural and sweetened with fruit juice and the apple has pesticides and chemicals on it? What if your body knows the apple is healthier, but you had a hard day at work and old patterns of emotional eating are in charge? Then that part of you wants the cookie. What if there is some nutrient in the cookie your body needs more than what is in the apple?

Should I take X or Y job? Well, you need to know which one will ultimately: pay more, give you better career success, allow you more time with family, have the smallest commute, give you the greatest personal fulfillment, etc. Which one you should take depends on your values. X job might pay more for less hours, but Y job might lead the person to meeting their life partner sooner. So which one is the better one? Depends on your values and intention, right?

Working with intuition is an information gathering process so when you receive guidance or feedback that seems to be inaccurate pay attention to the what, when and why:
Do you have a block that is activated related to what you are asking about? Fear is a common one, fear of success, fear of having to be in our power/ shine our light/ be seen, etc.
Were you unwilling to know the truth either because it didn’t match your hopes or because you did not truly believe that you deserve the happiness you desire?
Did your ‘wrong’ answer bring you to make a choice that lead to something else for your higher good? This is a super big one! We are often limited in our view of what is possible or for our highest good. Imagine someone experiencing the heartache of a cherished relationship ending, in the moment they are fixated on wanting the relationship back and stuck in the pain of the loss, they are unlikely to be able to lift out of the lower vibrations of their emotional experience to see that in the future this experience leads them an even better, happier, more satisfying love relationship and also leads their former partner to greater health and happiness too. So in this instance it would be easy to get ‘yes’ if you ask ‘Are ___ and I meant to be together?’ because not only do you want it to be true and believe it to be true, but also on the soul level you were ‘meant’ to be together for the time and purpose of the relationship you had – but then you would now also be ‘meant’ to move on and get ready to be with your next partner.

Try different methods of connecting with your intuition (muscle testing like Christie teaches in her Love or Above Tool Kit, pendulum, body pendulum, meditation, etc) to see which ones work the best for you. Use them all the time for all sorts of mundane things like which route to take, what food to eat, where to go, what to wear, and it will show you what your answers lead you to so you can start to figure out the why you get the answers you get. It isn’t always immediately obvious when something turns out differently than we thought it would, but with awareness we can start to see what our higher self has at work for us.

While many people gain great benefit in learning to work with their intuition and clear their blocks to using their Christie also offers a Group Clearing Event to continue to clear your blocks, work on your intuition, and raise your vibrations. You can do it!

This is a common concern. This is work non-relgious in nature, doesn’t promote or put down or work against any religion. People from all religious or non-religious backgrounds have benefitted from this work.

Since the inception of churches, human people have used religion to have power or control over other humans – it doesn’t have anything to do with God/Divine/Source Energy/Light, it’s about choices people made regarding other people. So while people have been taught that the Bible, Torah or Quran is the ‘word of God’ (they contain many of the same stories), and in some ways certain messages are accurate, for the most part it reflects societal beliefs of the people who wrote it as they attempted to interpret and understand messages that were given them and then later on, other people picked and chose the parts they wanted to teach and the parts they didn’t want people to read and that lead to the bible we have today. So while the messages were relayed, it’s a little bit like the game of telephone where someone whispers something to the person next to them and that person whispers what they think they heard to the person next to them and so on until you get to the end and the last person says what they think they heard – which usually bears little resemblance to what was initially said. Consider how hard it can be for people from different countries to communicate given local customs and idioms, add in the egos of very fallible humans and you end up with so very twisted ‘teachings’.

The message from the life of Jesus is the closest we have to the real message of the Divine – to simply love and respect all people, regardless…to live a life in service to loving and compassion. That’s the beginning middle and end of it. The new Pope, with his honoring of women as much as men (when he washed the feet of male and female youth inmates) is the closest so far in sharing that message, he has a real chance to raise the vibration of followers closer to truth of Jesus’ teachings than any one before…there is still choice points for him, but it is a great possibility.

You, like many people were indoctrinated into hate-filled and fear-filled beliefs at a tender and vulnerable age, in addition to dangers and abuse in past incarnations…so this fear is not only instilled in you but based on experiences in past life that were dangerous, violent and harmful – taught that God is an external entity that is ready and willing to punish you for every flaw and any mis-step, judging you as unworthy, sinful and undeserving of peace, joy or love. But you know in your core that this is not truth, even though the tender, wounded and vulnerable little one inside of you agreed to take this on as reality in order to survive scary and trying times so you would be accepted and cared for my misguided and misinformed adults who should have been more concerned with your needs for loving care than their fears and issues.

The things to focus on clearing for this:

disloyalty to family/ social group by choosing to reject their lies
disloyalty to family/ social group by choosing to openly accept the truth instead
fear of omnipotent and judgmental overlord (God)
fear of knowing, speaking and living your own truth
fear of connecting with intuition (yours and others)

Much of these teachings are based on humans wanting to control other humans, if people were allowed to connect with the truth – that they are inherently divine beings of light and love, that they are part of universal source energy of divine light and love, that they can communicate with the Divine Holiness inside of them and inside of others (people, angels, guides, etc)…then they would be empowered and not be able to be pawns for people who wanted to have power over others. Consider, if everyone knew they could communicate with God and Angels, that they were divine beings (meaning they are God in human form), the how would a King or power hungry leader convince masses of people to march off to war to kill other divine beings so that the person in power could take the land and wealth of the defeated people? This is how far back this stuff goes in human history, it is still being used today (the US Catholic Church alone had an annual spending in 2012 of $150 billion – that’s as much as Apple or GM for their entire international operations, so even though many are well intentioned, that much money is going to attract unsavory people who will do all they can to control people and get to the cash as much as possible). The issue is the choices people make, not the religion they chose to practice (or not practice).