About Christie Marie Sheldon:

Hi, my name is Christie Marie Sheldon and I love to use my Spiritual Gifts to help guide people manifest the reality of their dreams. I often do this by helping them open up their awareness, raise their energetic frequency and learn to use their own Spiritual Gifts so they can continue helping themselves. As the wise proverb says, “Give a man to fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime!”

As an Intuitive Medium, Healer and Facilitator for Consciousness, my greatest joy is to help people become who they really are.

From reaching out through radio shows to working with world and business leaders, I’ve done over 10,000 personal consultations over the past 15 years. Making a difference in people’s lives has become my life’s choice, because if enough people raise their consciousness and vibration to self love and celebration, we can restore love on this planet.

My belief is that you have a choice about which energetic frequencies you want to live in.

I believe in the concept that people can choose to be in the low, heavy vibrations of Fear, Anger, or Shame, or they can choose high, uplifting vibrations of Love and everything else above Love, such as Joy, Gratitude, Peace and Enlightenment. My personal mission is to get everyone on the planet vibrating at an energetic frequency of “Love or Above”.

I noticed in my own research with clients that the ones whose energy vibrated at higher frequencies manifested things they desired into their life more easily. So, I created this site with the purpose of spreading the message that if a person is willing to invest some time to raise their energetic frequencies towards Love or Above, not only will they change their own lives, but they will help raise the Consciousness of the Planet too.

Remember—You must be Happy first!

You see, a lot of people, when they look at life they go, “Oh, I’ll be happy when I have this or this in my life”. People tend to say to themselves things like “When I have more money, I’ll be happy”, “When I’m thin, then I’ll be happy” or _”When I’m ________________, then I’ll be happy”.

The simple truth is: You are not going to be happy when you ________________ (whatever your “fill-in-the-blank” is)

You have to be happy first, and only then will you become a magnet for all the good things you desire! After all, like attracts like right? And it’s simply not possible for you to attract the things you desire if your low vibrational frequency does not match the high frequency of the things you want to manifest.

That’s why, raising your consciousness by raising the vibration of your energetic frequencies will fix the incongruent spaces where your desires are not met.

My greatest desire is for you to “turn on” your spiritual gifts and make your inner light brighter. Fill your life to the brim with joy, abundance and FUN! You are the greatest gift you bring to the world — YOU are the gift.

Living Love or Above,

Christie Marie Sheldon